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University of Bath

Preparing to recruit

Guidance on how to prepare to recruit staff within your area/department

Producing a job description and person specification

Job descriptions and person specifications are key documents in the recruitment process. Read our guidance on creating a job description and a person specification and always use the appropriate template:

If you are recruiting to an academic job please use our generic academic job descriptions.

All requests for new or replacement positions, or for temporary additional cover, will require a job description and a person specification.

Establishing the grade for the job

The grade will be confirmed by HR following the Job Evaluation and Review procedure.

Seeking approval for the job vacancy

There are several approval stages to go through before a job vacancy is approved.  You will be notified via email whenever your request is updated through the approval process.

Preparing your job advert

You will need to write an advert and include this in Stonefish.  HR can offer advice on location of adverts to make sure your advert reaches its target audience.  All job vacancies will normally be advertised internally and externally for a minimum of two weeks.

Preparing shortlisting questions

Online shortlisting allows you to ask applicants to respond to specific questions from the person specification as part of their online application. The answers to these questions can then be assessed by the shortlisting panel.

You will need to select the questions that you will use to support your shortlisting. There are some template criteria within the Staff Request Form, or you can create your own questions specific to your vacancy.