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University of Bath

Presentations skills course

Develop your presentation skills in this short live online course.

Student standing by a whiteboard delivering a presentation to three other students.
Develop your presentation skills

Semester 2 course

Giving presentations is a vital skill that you will need in your studies and in your future work.

We are running a short course in April which will help you to plan, practise and increase your confidence in delivering presentations, whether face-to-face, online or in a group.

You will learn the skills that make effective presenters and presentations. You will also have the opportunity to record and receive constructive feedback and advice on a short presentation.

The course will take place on the following dates:

  • Session 1: Thursday 15 April, 12:15-13:05 LOIL
  • Session 2: Thursday 22 April, 12:15-13:05 LOIL
  • Session 3: Thursday 29 April, 12:15-13:05 LOIL

You can book the course on MySkills.

Presentations skills module

We have also developed a short, interactive Presentation Skills module to help you to deliver effective presentations.

The course runs through:

  • the three key stages of a presentation
  • the features of an effective presentation and and effective presenter
  • how to structure a presentation
  • how to organise presentation materials, and
  • guidance on giving a group presentation and presenting online.

Student experience

Find out students' experiences and tips on assessed presentations in this Academic Skills blog: