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Promoting Dignity and Respect for Staff

How the University is committed to protecting the dignity of all staff in their work and all students in their study.

Promoting Dignity and Respect for Staff

The University is committed to protecting the dignity of all staff in their work (and all students in their study) and emphasises the obligation on all members of staff and students to treat each other with dignity, courtesy and respect at all times. All staff should be able to work together and fulfil their potential in a mutually supportive working environment free from harassment, discrimination, bullying and victimisation. This relies on all staff and students meeting their responsibility to treat each other with dignity and respect at all times.

What to do if you think you are being bullied or harassed

There is a range of sources of support and intervention that can help you at this time, depending on the nature and severity of your concern. It is important that you act promptly and take advice on a confidential basis.

Talk to someone for   support and guidance Raise it with an appropriate member of staff The Mediation Service Take action for yourself if appropriate
There are a number of individuals or services who can help provide support and explore options on a confidential basis and who will help you to decide on what to do next, Your HR Business Partner or Advisor, The Equality & Diversity Manager, a Trade union representative, UCU , UNISON, UNITE, Employee Assistance Service – for counselling and other support Seek a meeting with your line manager (or their manager). Depending upon the nature of the complaint, they may be to intervene to resolve the issue or advise you on appropriate steps A confidential service that can enable matters to be mediated between staff (or between staff and students) who are experiencing difficulties with their working or study relationships, For more details see Mediation Service You could try talking or writing to the person you feel is harassing you and ask them to stop the unacceptable behaviour. If this action is not effective, you should seek advice on next steps from one of the individuals and services listed under “Talk to someone for support…”

For more information on the above and on the formal approaches to managing dignity and respect please read the University's dignity and respect policy and contact your HR Business Partner

Read the Dignity & Respect Policy

Revised policy approved – June 2017