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University of Bath

Receiving mail in student accommodation

How to collect post sent to your University accommodation on or off-campus.

Collect your post from your mailbox

You can collect your mail from a passcode-protected mailbox on campus or in the city. The mailboxes are allocated by kitchen group and you get your passcode with your welcome and arrival instructions.

If you have any questions about your mailbox or passcode, visit the West Accommodation Centre or email

Mailboxes locations

There are mailboxes at:

  • The Quads, next to Acer Quad
  • Westwood (Conygre, Cotswold, Derhill, Mendip, Quantock, Quarry and Wolfson), at Wessex House, between Barclays bank and the Fresh shop
  • each accommodation block at Brendon Court, Norwood House, Osborne House, Polden Court, Polden and city centre University accommodation
  • Solsbury and Woodland Court, next to the East Accommodation Centre
  • Eastwood and Marlborough Court

Report a broken mailbox

If your mailbox is broken, please report it immediately on 01225 383111. Until we repair the mailbox, you can collect your post from the mail room.

Collect letters you need to sign for and parcels

If you're sent an item that you need to collect, we'll email your University email account to let you know we have it.

Don't come to collect your mail until you've received the email, even if the supplier has told you it's arrived. We'll process your parcel as soon as possible. If we receive mail after 5pm, we won't process it until the next working day.

Bring the email with you when you collect your item. You can either print it out or show it to us on your phone or tablet. You also need to bring a photographic ID card, preferably your University library card.

You have 28 days to collect your mail. If you haven't collected it by then, we'll return it to the sender. You can ask us to hold your item for longer by emailing

Where to collect your mail

If you live on campus, you can collect your mail from the Parcel Room at Eastwood Lodge.

If you live in city accommodation, you can collect your mail from the Virgil Building.

Sending someone else to collect your post

You can ask someone to collect your mail for you. To organise this, email the Student Parcel Office at with the:

  • reference details of the item
  • name of person who's collecting the item

The person who's collecting your mail must need to bring a photographic ID card, preferably their University library card, as proof that they're the nominated collector.

When we deliver mail

We deliver student mail throughout the academic year.

If we receive post for students after the end of the academic year, we keep it for 28 days then return it to the sender.

What to do about wrongly delivered mail

If you find any post in your mailbox that shouldn't be there, please put it in the returns box.

Please make sure you tell people your new address when you move accommodation so you continue to receive your mail.