University of Bath

Request a remark of your IELTS Test

Find out how to apply and pay for an remark, time-frames, and fee.


If you are unhappy with your test result, you can request a remark of your test score within six weeks of the test date.

You can ask for one to all parts of your test to be remarked.

Please download the IELTS Enquiry on Results Form, fill it out, include our Test Centre Number 50724, then post it back to us, along with your original Test Report Form and the receipt of payment.


To request a remark you will need to pay £60.00, using our secure online payment system


Upon receipt of your completed form and payment, we will send your request to the British Council in London who will remark your test and send back the results to us. This will take between two to four weeks to complete.

During the remarking process your test results cannot be used to apply to universities nor be sent to any immigration office.

Once we have received your remarked test we will email you with the results.

If your score(s) change we will refund you the full £60.00 remark fee and send you an updated Test Report Form with your 'new' test results.

For scores that stay the same we will return your original Test Report Form. You cannot ask for your results to be remarked again.