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Requesting carpet cleaning

How to arrange for your building's Portering team to clean carpets in University buildings.

Routine cleaning

Your building's Cleaning team routinely cleans carpets in corridors and public areas.

You can request Service Level Agreements for your building by emailing Adrian Price, Cleaning & Portering Operations Manager at

Report spillages or leaks

If you have a spillage or leak in a University building, please report a fault or maintenance issue.

We will clean or dry your carpet as soon as possible.

If we need to charge your department for the work, we'll send the charge through Agresso.

Arrange for deep cleaning

If your carpet needs deep cleaning, contact your Portering Team to ask for a quote and arrange your carpet cleaning.

When you have the quote, you'll need to raise an Agresso order to cover the cost of cleaning supplies, machinery and hours used.


If you have any questions, please contact us.