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To understand what to do to resign or if a member of staff resigns.


When an individual decides to resign, it is generally most appropriate for them to speak first with their manager and to follow up the meeting by formally confirming their intention to resign in an email or letter. The manager may wish to notify their Head of Department if they determine this to be appropriate.

The period of notice is written in the contract of employment.

All staff will give 1 month's notice during probation and 3 months notice thereafter.

Giving notice to resign

Grades 6-9

All staff on Grades 6-9 must give 1 month's notice during probation and 3 months notice thereafter.

Academic and staff with teaching responsibilities in Grades 6-9 will give notice at fixed points in the year: 3 months notice expiring on the last day of a semester or 3 months notice expiring on 31st August.

Grades 1-5

Staff will give 1 weeks notice during probation and 1 month thereafter. After probation the University will give notice in line with statutory arrangements which increases to a maximum of 12 weeks.

Information for all staff

There is no designated format for the letter/email of resignation, but it is helpful if the individual can let their manager know their anticipated last working day, how many days of holiday that have been taken and whether they are expecting any holiday to be paid after their last working day.

Once notified, HR will send the individual a formal acknowledgment including a link to the Exit Interview Questionnaire. The information from the returned surveys is used to continually improve the working environment for existing and prospective staff.

The Payroll Office will produce a P45 for the individual after the last payroll of their period of employment. The P45 is an important formal document that any future employer will require for taxation purposes. It is in the individual's interest to ensure they receive this document, as otherwise it may result in additional tax payments.

The Payroll Office post the P45 to the individual, using their UK Home Address that also appears on the payslip.

All staff should ensure that the address on the payslip is correct. Any amendments can be made using Employee Self Service or by informing HR.

Responsibilities of managers

As the line manager of the resigning individual you will need to notify your appropriate HR Administrator, confirming the last working day, whether any holiday will be payable and whether there are any known additions/deductions to the final payslip. If you have received an email/letter from the individual it should also be forwarded to HR.

If an individual has exceeded their entitlement, you will need to agree with them whether they work the excess or whether it is to be deducted from their final payment. You may find it helpful to use the Annual Leave Calculator

Once you have informed HR, they will write a formal acknowledgement to the individual, confirming their last working day and providing a link to the Exit Interview Questionnaire.

HR will also notify Payroll, so that they can make any adjustments to the final payslip and following this, issue the P45.

Arrangements for the return of all University property including security passes and keys and the removal from any authorised signatory list should also be made.Access to email, internet and other IT applications will be removed once the details of the resignation are input into the HR/Payroll system.

Succession Planning

During the individual’s notice period it is advisable to prepare for their departure, perhaps asking them to ensure that any job-related documentation is up to date and that any outstanding activities have an appropriate handover.

There is guidance on recruiting staff to help you to decide the subsequent actions, whether a direct replacement of the existing role or whether it’s appropriate for a more strategic review of your operational requirements. You may find it helpful to liaise with HR to ensure that the necessary actions are taken.


If you have any questions, please contact us.