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Right to Work in the UK checks for External Examiners (UG)

All External Examiner for undergraduate studies must complete a right to work in the UK check - this guide explains how complete these checks.

Right to Work Checks for External Examiners of UG studies

The University is legally required to ensure that all prospective members of staff are eligible to work in the UK, by checking the appropriate documentation, ordinarily a passport, before they start work.

As External Examiners for undergraduate studies - referred to as External Examiners (UG) - are employed as workers these checks apply to them all. Please note that these checks do not apply to External Examiners for higher degrees (masters and PhDs etc.) - referred to External Examiners (PG) who are engaged as contractors and not employed.

We therefore require all External Examiners (UG) to present their passport or other proof of right to work in the UK to the Programme Administrator before or during your first visit to the University. This must be a face-to-face check which undertaken in-person and may take at the Board of Examiners meeting or Board of Examiners of Programmes prior to their start. A list of approved Programme Administrators by department is available here.

The Programme Administrator will undertake the right to work check in line with the Right to Work Checklist and maintain the documentation for this as is required.

Please note that due to the legislation on right to work in the UK we cannot and will not allow any External Examiner (UG) to work who has not already completed the right check and will never before they have commenced work.

If you have any queries on the documentation that you need to provide please contact Kym Weeks, HR Administration Coordinator on 01225-384793 or at

The terms of your appointment are outlined in our QA Code of Practice (Statement 12), however further information is available from the External Examiners Induction webpage and the enclosed External Examiner’s Handbook.