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SAMBa students starting in 2017

PhD students who started at the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Statistical Applied Mathematics (SAMBa) in 2017.

Picture of Cohort 4 SAMBa students
Students starting in 2017

Cohort 4

Eleanor Barry

Eleanor graduated in 2017 with an MMath from the university of Exeter, with her final year project based on evolutionary game theory. She spent one summer as part of an epidemiological project investigating the consequences of arsenic in drinking water on health at Public Health England, and another investigating improvements in the computational modelling of radiation dispersion at Public Health England and the Met Office. She is particularly looking forward to learning more about Mathematical Biology and Networks. In her spare time she enjoys archery, board games, jogging and reading historical biographies.

Stefano Bruno

Stefano graduated with an MSc in Stochastics and Data Science at the University of Turin in 2017. During his studies, he developed especially interest in probability theory and he decided to write his thesis studying the consequences of applying the Non-Central Limit theorem in the convergence of uncouple continuous time random walks. In his spare time, Stefano enjoys hiking, indoor climbing and listening to music.

Teo Deveney

Teo completed a mathematics BSc at Bath in 2016 and an MSc in mathematical modelling and scientific computing at Oxford in 2017 - specialising in probability, statistics, and numerical analysis throughout. His Master’s thesis analysed the behaviour of ODEs driven by smooth noise functions; and he also spent a summer researching a numerical approach to solving an optimal stopping problem on a measure valued stochastic process. He remains interested in many areas of SAMBa and is excited to build deeper knowledge in a breadth of topics before choosing a direction to specialise. His hobbies include basketball, music, exercise, and film.

Shaunagh Downing

Shaunagh graduated from the University of Limerick in 2016 with a BSc in Mathematics and Physics. During this time, she undertook an internship at an international semiconductor company and completed a final year thesis concerning Stefan problems. Following her undergraduate, Shaunagh undertook an industrial research placement at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics in Los Angeles, collaborating with a National Research Laboratory. Shaunagh continued her studies at the University of Bath, completing an MSc in Modern Applications of Mathematics. Her Master’s dissertation was based on corner flows of viscoelastic fluids, in particular looking at the stress singularities around sharp re-entrant corners. Outside of maths, Shaunagh has a black belt in karate, and also enjoys watching Gaelic football, and reading.

Tom Finn

Tom graduated from Bath in 2017 with an MMath and is particularly interested in analysis and probability. He completed a summer project on the mixing times of load balancing schemes and his final year project used the close relationship between random walks, martingales, and harmonic functions to explicitly find the potential kernel for the simple random walk on the hexagonal lattice. Apart from Maths, Tom's favourite things include cricket, handball, obscure Simpsons’ references, and films by Paul Thomas Anderson.

Christoph Gartner

Christoph graduated from the Karlsruher Institute for Technology in 2017 with an MSc degree and did his final project on transport of random measures and Brownian excursion theory. His research interests are Lévy processes, random walks, and stochastic calculus just to name a few. Outside of working and mathematics he enjoys travelling, running, reading, cycling and learning languages.

Will Graham

Will graduated from the University of Bath with an MSci in Maths and Physics; where his Master’s project was concerned with using techniques from statistical mechanics to model fluid systems at criticality. Thanks to the physics portion of his undergrad, his interests are largely in modelling and applied maths, however he also maintains a quiet interest in analysis. When not filling his head with maths, Will enjoys card- and board games.

Cohort 4 - Continued

Paolo Grazieschi

Paolo graduated in 2017 at the Università di Pisa (with a thesis on stochastic models for the human brain. He has then moved to the University of Warwick where he was a member of the MASDOC CDT programme. After completing the first year with an MSc, he moved to Bath to pursue his PhD. His work concentrates on stochastic particle system models and their convergence to stochastic partial differential equations; particularly, he is very interested in questions of regularity and well-posedness for SPDEs as well as the way the limit equations arises from the particle system. Outside of mathematics, Paolo loves running and cycling, regularly taking part in athletics competitions. He is also often in search for good food and he likes cinemas and theatres.

Trishen Gunaratnam

Trishen graduated in 2017 with an MMath from the University of Warwick. He completed the MSc year of the MASDOC CDT programme there but has transferred to the University of Bath to pursue his PhD. His MSc dissertation made progress towards: i) establishing quasi-invariance of Gaussian measures for the cubic nonlinear wave equation in 3d; and ii) establishing a decay of spectral gap for stochastic quantisation equations of low temperature $\Phi4$-theories in 2d. His research interests lie in the fields of stochastic partial differential equations, Euclidean quantum field theory and statistical physics, although he maintains a general interest in mathematical physics as a whole. Outside of math, Trishen enjoys going to restaurants, seeing live jazz and going to cinemas/theatres.

Allen Hart

Allen completed his MSci in Mathematics and Physics at the University of Bath. During his summers he worked at l'Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble, France looking at the scattering patterns of neutrons diffracted through materials like benzene, graphene and ice. His university projects have been varied and include simulating critical fluids and calibrating an antenna array - but he doesn't know what area of mathematics or which application to commit to at the moment. He hopes to find a fun problem during his first year at SAMBa he can attack throughout the remainder of his PhD. Outside of mathematics, Allen has done a bit of work as a ski instructor, likes to play sports, and hang out with friends.

Yyanis Johnson-Llambias

Yyanis graduated from the University of Oxford in 2017 with an MMath in Mathematics, with a broad interest in applications. He has undertaken summer projects on topics in fluid dynamics at Oxford and Perm Krai, Russia, and has written undergraduate and Master’s theses on the topics of Thermohaline circulation oceanography and the Stokes wave. Outside of mathematics, Yyanis enjoys sports (occasionally seriously but mainly frivolously), films, and music.

Kevin Olding

Kevin graduated with an MMath degree in Mathematics from the University of Oxford in 2007 and then completed the Graduate Diploma in Law and the Legal Practice Course. He worked for a year in a law firm and then returned to Mathematics to teach in two secondary schools in London. Whilst teaching he studied part time for an MSc in Applied Statistics and Stochastic Modelling at Birkbeck College, London and subsequently taught there. Returning to full time study at SAMBa he continues to teach Mathematics through his Mathsaurus YouTube channel.

Lizhi Zhang

Lizhi studied Applied Mathematics (Financial Engineering) in Shanghai. His last two years was spent at the University of Strathclyde, where he obtained a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics. He then completed a Master of Advanced Study (MASt) in Mathematical Statistics from Cambridge University. His essay for his MASt is about proving the error bound of Total Variant Denoising algorithm, which is an application of Lasso Regression in Computer Vision. Lizhi is interested in practical applications of statistics and the theories behind them. Currently, his main interest is in Machine Learning.

SAMBa 2017 Aligned Students

Aligned students work on PhD projects generated by SAMBa, or work in close collaboration with the cohort. They are often co-funded by our partners.

Alice Callegaro

Working on spatial dependence in branching structures (Supervisor: Matt Roberts)

Alice completed her MSc degree in Mathematics at the University of Padua in 2017. In her Master’s thesis she investigated models of the diffusion of innovation in social networks. She is particularly interested in probability theory and she is fascinated by how mathematics can be employed to address problems from the real world, which made her keen on the SAMBa program. Outside mathematics, she enjoys travelling, doing sports and reading.

Tomas Chuaqui

Working with GKN on efficient multi-scale methods for test reduction in aerospace composites. (Supervisors: Richard Butler, Andrew Rhead and Rob Scheichl)

Tomas obtained an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto, Portugal with a specialization in structural engineering. In his Master’s thesis he investigated the non-linear dynamic behaviour of single-layer graphene sheets. In the past year, he has done active research on the static shape and vibration control of piezoelectric smart materials using meshless methods at the University of Porto. Besides engineering, Tomas enjoys playing football, travelling, and listening to music.

James Evans

Working with N12 and Airbus on composite component mass reduction via nano-tube reinforcement and probabilistic failure analysis. (Supervisors: Andrew Rhead and Karim Anaya-Izqueirdo)

James graduated from the University of Bath in 2017 with an MEng in Aerospace engineering which included a placement year working in the Aluminium industry in Michigan, USA. This developed his interest in material science and subsequently led to him choosing to do a PhD analysing the effects of nanotubes in composite materials at high humidity and temperatures through statistical analysis – jointly through the engineering and mathematics departments. James enjoys playing water polo and the guitar in his free time.

Arron Gosnell

Working with Syngenta on modern statistical techniques for assessing and predicting herbicide performance (Supervisors: Evangelos Evangelou and Kostas Papachristos).

Arron read his BSc in mathematics at King’s College London, and an MSc in statistics at the University of Kent. His master’s dissertation involved analysing the proliferation of an SIR epidemic, having introduced a vaccine to the population. His research involves assessing and predicting herbicide performance using modern statistical and machine learning techniques, and is in collaboration with Syngenta. Arron enjoys playing squash, listening to music, and travelling.

SAMBa 2017 Aligned Students - Continued

Rajan Jagpal

Working with GKN on automated and defect-free forming of complex composite parts with machine learning. (Supervisors: Evripides Loukaides and Evangelos Evangelou).

Rajan graduated with an MSc in Engineering Design from the University of Bath in 2017. His dissertation explored the use of carbon nanotubes in improving the flexural strength of carbon fibre ice hockey sticks. Through non-destructive testing and experimental methods, defect response and damage propagation was evaluated in a complex geometry. Continuing with interest in this field, Rajan hopes to reduce the prevalence of defects in manufactured composite parts.

Jasmine Rance

Sponsored partly by Renishaw and investigating additive manufacturing of cutting tools. (Supervisor: Alborz Shokrani).

Jasmine graduated from the University of Nottingham with a BSc in Mathematical Sciences before undertaking the MSc in Modern Applications of Mathematics at the University of Bath. She has completed numerous projects investigating the treatment of gliomas and acute leukaemia. More recently investigating the uncertainty in the delivery of the treatment using the multilevel Monte Carlo method. In her spare time she enjoys rowing, yoga and cooking.

Tom Smith

Working with the Environment Agency on improving estimates of the frequency of extreme events (e.g. flooding) by using non-systematic records. (Supervisors: Simon Shaw, Thomas Kjeldsen and Ilaria Prosdocimi).

Tom graduated from the University of Bath in 2017 with an MMath degree, which included a year-long industrial placement doing consumer loyalty analytics. His final-year project involved using Conditional Autoregressive Bayesian Spatial models and Monte-Carlo methods to quantify uncertainty in estimates of the impact which air pollution has on health. He has a particular interest in the application of statistics, and in the role that statistics plays in society. Outside of mathematics, he has an appreciation for computing, music, and cats.

Abigail Burdon

Working on Phase 3 Clinical Trials Statistics in collaboration with Novartis (Supervisor: Christopher Jennison).

Abigail graduated with an MMath from the University of Sheffield in 2017 where she spent her Master’s year focusing on Statistics. Her dissertation on MCMC methods applied to Emulators was the follow up to a summer research project about machine learning. During Abigail’s undergraduate degree, she developed an interest in Medical Statistics and completed a summer internship with Health Data Insight, a cancer data registry, analysing cancer recurrence times. Abigail enjoys playing the cello and participating in triathlon.