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SAMBa students starting in 2019

PhD students who started at the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Statistical Applied Mathematics (SAMBa) in 2019.

Picture of Cohort 6 SAMBa students
Students starting in 2019

Cohort 6

Chris Dean

Chris graduated from the University of Bath in 2019 with an MMath, where he picked up an interest in both measure theory and graph theory. For his final year project, he reviewed works on Lévy processes and continuous-state branching processes with focus on the limiting population of continuous-state branching processes. He wishes to pursue his interest in probability theory, and he is excited to learn about stochastic differential equations. In his spare time he enjoys poker, playing the guitar and he is learning to bake (somewhat successfully).

Josh Inoue

Josh graduated from the University of Durham with an MMath degree in 2016 where he did his final year project looking at modular forms. Following this he spent the summer working in the Met Office with the Forecast Service Delivery department, developing, testing and implementing software tools to access, process and summarise archived data. He then spent a couple of years working in the NHS in Bristol in both the Infection Control Team the Critical Care Data Team looking at methods to extract, merge and cleanse datasets for research and audit purposes. He is a keen cyclist who has also been known to compete in half-marathons and triathlons, enjoys classical music as well as synthpop and playing the piano, and is surprisingly interested in the London Underground (other metros also apply).

Rosa Kowalewski

Rosa completed her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in 'Computational Life Science' at the University of Lübeck, Germany. During a research internship in the University of Cambridge Image Analysis group, she worked on a project on diffeomorphic image registration. She further developed this project in her Master's thesis, in collaboration with Barbara Gris at Sorbonne Université in Paris, to a new modular multi-shape model for image- and shape registration. Rosa is engaged in the Women in Mathematics community and politically active for sustainability and climate.

Yi Sheng Lim

Yi Sheng graduated from the University of Warwick in 2017 under the MMORSE programme. His final year project was in the area of stochastic analysis, where the goal was to state and prove a change of variables formula, or "Ito's lemma", for the process (B_{.-1}, B.), B being the standard Brownian motion. The key point is that this 2 dimensional process is constructed from a single Brownian motion. Outside of maths, Yi Sheng enjoys jogging, hiking, and hokkien mee with sugarcane juice (iced, no lemon).

Piotr Morawiecki

Piotr graduated from the University of Warsaw in 2018 with a Master’s degree in Physics. His Bachelor and Master theses were focused on computational fluid dynamics applied to model river network growth and the pyrolysis process, respectively. Independently, Piotr as a member of research team in Polish Academy of Sciences completed several industrial research projects for companies representing different branches of industry (including finance, IT, forestry and research funding). He was also actively promoting science among youth as well as teaching in a high school in Warsaw. Apart from science, he enjoys swimming and other water sports.

Cohort 6 - Continued

Shahzeb Raja Noureen

Shahzeb attended the University of Greenwich and graduated in Mathematics in 2018. At Greenwich, he worked on problems in different areas within applied maths including population dynamics and Brownian motion. In particular, his dissertation revolved around the modelling of random motion of particles in fluid. Formerly a stats "hater", he learnt to love stats by the time of graduation and straight after the BSc, started his MSc in Mathematics at the Queen Mary University of London with a particular focus on probability and random processes. He used this opportunity to explore different applications of statistics and stochastic processes to real-life systems. In particular, his dissertation involved modelling future decisions dependent on extreme experiences of individuals. He is now interested in biological applications of mathematics. Outside of study, Shahzeb likes to read, bake, study languages, play badminton and is very keen about learning to play tennis

Katie Phillips

Katie graduated from Cardiff University in 2019 with an MMath in Mathematics. During her time there she studied a mixture of pure and applied mathematics and found her main interests lie within fluid dynamics, though she also enjoys all things computational. Between her third and final years she undertook a summer research project focusing on proper generalized decomposition of parabolic PDEs, which she continued into her MMath dissertation, generalizing to the applications of differential equations. Outside of her studies, she likes to get involved in various forms of aerial fitness and circus inspired acrobatics: basically anything that allows her to be upside down.

Carlo Scali

Carlo did his Bachelor’s in Statistics (with some economics) in Milano then moved to Torino for a Master’s in Stochastics and Data Science. He enjoys both statistics and probability and his Master’s project was on an application of Bayesian Nonparametrics to DNA sequencing. He likes (watching) sports, mainly regular football, American football and cycling, going to the sea in the summer (who doesn’t) and eating carbonara.

Fengpei Wang

Sponsored by the Chinese Scholarship Council
Fengpei graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology with a BSc in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics in 2017. During her degree, she spent a year at University College London. The following year she completed her MSc at Imperial College London in Pure Mathematics and her dissertation explored quantum dynamical semigroups generated by the Lindblad type unbounded generator. She is looking forward to exploring various applied topics, especially in stochastic process and numerical methods. Aside from maths, she also enjoys travelling, swimming and badminton.

Edwin Watson-Miller

Edwin graduated with an MMath from the University of Oxford in 2019. His mathematical studies included a diverse range of general methods in modelling and dynamic systems as well as stochastic processes in genetics, finance, and biology. In the summer between his Bachelors and his Masters he worked in polar research at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven, Germany where he numerically modelled both the migration of arctic cod and the dependence of chlorophyll-A on the external environment. His Masters’ thesis was on sharp-interface limits of different generalised formulations of the Cahn-Hilliard Equation. Edwin's main sporting passions are rugby and motorsports and his hobbies include gaming, travelling, and whisky.

Jeremy Worsfold

Jeremy graduated from the University of Manchester with an MPhys in Physics with Theoretical Physics in 2019. During his Master's project, in collaboration with Manchester City Football Club, he analysed real-time positional data of players to gain novel footballing insights; fostering his interest in big data and programming. He's especially fascinated by probability theory, in particular random networks and graphs. Outside of his studies, Jeremy enjoys playing and watching football. He's passionate about fighting climate change and has (for a reason unknown to himself) signed up for the Bath Half marathon.

SAMBa 2019 Aligned Students

Aligned students work on PhD projects generated by SAMBa, or work in close collaboration with the cohort. They are often co-funded by our partners.

Guido Baardink

Working on design principles for active solids, funded by the University of Bath (Supervisor: Anton Souslov)

Guido graduated from Kyushu University in 2019 with a MSc in Mathematics, after completing a MSc degree in Physics at Leiden University in 2017. In both cases, the theses dealt with characterizing soft deformations of periodic lattices. His main areas of interest are (topological) metamaterials and discrete differential geometry. Outside of academia he enjoys playing the piano, dancing Argentine tango, and learning about languages and linguistics.

Tina Zhou

Working with the Met Office on modelling solar atmosphere and Space Weather events related to the sun, funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council (Supervisors: Chris Budd, Apala Majumdar, Silvia Gazzola and Tom Fincham Haines).

Tina graduated from the University of Bath in 2018 with an MSc Applied Maths, where she started her Space Weather project with the Met Office. The research is a combination of magnetohydrodynamics in PDEs, stats modeling, high performance computing and Machine Learning. Before the MSc, she worked in strategic consulting for 10 months in India and in private equity as an investment manager for nearly 3 years in China. Her Master's research placement was on developing new methodology and index for Space Weather forecast verification as well as building new models to improve the current forecast by Met Office and NASA. She speaks three languages and is a professional artist in Chinese ink-and-wash painting. Besides, Tina enjoys dancing, reading, programming and learning French and Latin.