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School of Management Undergraduate Welcome Week events

The School of Management has designed a week of events to help you transition into university life. You can find out about the sessions on your timetable here.

Welcome to the School

Your first session in Welcome Week is an official inspirational welcome from Professor Stephen Brammer, the Dean of the School of Management. Professor Brammer will be joined by key members of staff who will warmly welcome you to Bath and to the School.

Venue: School of Management Building 10 East 0.17

Campus Tour

To help familiarise yourself with the campus and our School of Management building, and to try to understand the University of Bath's building number system, you are invited to attend a campus tour. These will be led by second year and final year students who will help you find your way around, share some of their favourite places on campus and help make sure you don't get lost finding your first lecture.

The tours follow on from your Welcome to the School talk and will start and finish in the School of Management.

International Student Mixer

This is an informal event to welcome our international students to the School. Join us, along with some second and final year students, to discover more about life in Bath as an international student. The current students will be able to share any tips and skills they have learned during their studies with us. We will also be inviting colleagues from around the university who can support your student journey.

This event is also open to any home students who are keen to get to know their international classmates.

Venue: School of Management Building 10 East Level 0 Pavilion

Director of Studies Welcome

In this session, you will meet your Director of Studies (DoS) and key members of staff for your course. You will receive an overview of the course content and structure and hear about the expectations and responsibilities you will have as a student on your course. Your DoS will also talk about the sources of support available to you throughout your studies.

This will be a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the course and to meet your new coursemates.

Insights: The Undergraduate Student Experience

In this session led by your Student Experience Officer, you will gain further insight into your chosen course. This session will include a number of talks from key people to provide an insight into what it's really like to study here.

You will hear from the following people during this talk:

  • Your Lead Peer Mentors, who will talk to you about the Peer Mentoring scheme and how your mentor can help you through your first year. Your Lead Peer Mentors are second or third-year students who will be able to answer any questions you may have.
  • Current students, who will be able to give you a snapshot of your course and the University. They will be able to share their experiences with you and can answer any questions.
  • Your Student Experience Officer, who will talk to you about the support they offer and how they can help you throughout your studies. They will also outline how you can get involved with the university.
  • Your Placement Officer, who will outline the support you will receive from their team and discuss the placement opportunities and how they will support you in your placement search. You will hear advice on how to enhance your CV by getting involved in University activities and information about adding a placement year if you are currently not on a 4-year course.
  • The School of Management Careers Adviser, who will outline the support available from the Careers Service when you are looking for internships and spring weeks, and then later on when you are looking for a graduate role.
  • You will also learn about how the Skills Centre can specifically support you on your chosen course.

Personal Tutor Meet and Greet

In this informal session, you will meet with your Academic Personal Tutor as a group with their other new tutees. You will be emailed in Welcome Week with details of who your Academic Personal Tutor is and when and where you will meet them.

If your Personal Tutor is not available during Welcome Week, you will meet them in the first week of teaching by arrangement from them.


If you have any questions, please contact us.