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Student immigration: Tier 4 basics - an introduction to student immigration

An overview of the University's responsibilities regarding student immigration and Tier 4 visas, including requirements and the referral process.

When the course runs


  • Tuesday 7 November 2017
  • Thursday 8 March 2018


  • 12.15pm-1.00pm


  • Jessica Scott or Louise McCollum, joint Head of Student Immigration
  • Carole Cox, Student Immigration Operations Manager

2017/18 courses: This course is likely to run in November and March. Course dates will be published approximately 6 to 8 weeks beforehand.

About this course

This course is aimed at staff who are new to the University and/or are new to the area of student immigration. It will give an overview of the student immigration system and the University’s responsibilities as a sponsor of students on Tier 4 visas.

The course will cover:

  • the immigration requirements and considerations at each stage of the student journey from application to post-graduation
  • an overview of the work of the Student Immigration Service
  • when and how to refer students for advice

Intended learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • identify which students need a visa and the main requirements for a Tier 4 visa
  • describe the University’s main responsibilities as a Tier 4 sponsor and key considerations
  • apply the knowledge gained to be able to refer students for advice as necessary

Effective Behaviours Framework (EBF)

The Effective Behaviours Framework (EBF) has nine key behavioural areas. This course will help you to develop skills and knowledge related to the EBF behavioural groups highlighted below:

  • Delivering excellent service
  • Finding solutions
  • Using resources effectively

Please note that attending the course does not provide evidence of achieving these behaviours; you will need to demonstrate them by applying your skills and knowledge.

Who should attend

This course is suitable for:

  • Professional Services and academic staff who are new to the University and/or new to the area of student immigration
  • Any member of staff working with students with a Tier 4 visa, whether new to the area or as a refresher

Book a place

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  • course title
  • date
  • your name
  • any access requirements you may have.

Or call ext. 6369.

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