University of Bath

Study Areas and Bookable Work Rooms

A summary of the wide range of study spaces available in the Library and across the University.

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons are informal working environments for independent and group study.  These are non-bookable spaces.  Printing and copying facilities are available in each area.

In the Library

  • Level 2 large open space beyond the turnstiles (which includes whiteboards). Available 24 hours a day.

Across the University

From the 7th-31st May we will be open from 8am until Midnight Monday to Friday and 10am until 8pm on Saturday and Sunday excluding the 27th May when we are closed.

Normal semester-time opening: 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday; 10am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday 

  • Polden Block C: Open 8am to 11.30pm 7 days a week

Graduate Commons

Individual Study Areas

In the Library

The Library provides a range of different study environments so that you can choose the one which best reflects your needs.   The Library's study spaces are located as follows:

Silent study

  • Level 1: excluding the training room

  • Level 5: whole floor including the PC areas

Quiet study

Additional Quiet Study spaces are available thoroughout the May 2019 assessment period: Timetabling webpages

  • Level 3: whole floor including PC areas and reading room (3.12)

  • Level 4: work areas excluding PC areas.  This is quieter away from the PC area, due to the proximity of the group work area.

  • Room L4.06: a private study room for one person on Level 4. It is bookable for a maximum of half a day per week, via a signup sheet on the door. Features adjustable table and power sockets.

  • Postgraduate workroom on Level 5 with twelve individual PCs and swipe-card access. 

Across the University

Norwood House Learning Commons also offer bookable individual rooms. These can be booked via the Room booking system.

Group Study Areas

In the Library

Bookable rooms

You can use the work rooms to practise group presentations for up to two hours in a single week.  Sign-up using the timetable attached to the door of the relevant workroom. The rooms are located as follows:

  • Level 1: a bookable group study room next to the main Quiet Study area on Level 1. Sign up sheets are on the door.

  • Level 4: a bookable group study room for two groups of up to seven people, using desks with built in plasma screens.  This room is located on the East side of the building near the PC area. Sign up sheets are on the door.

Non-bookable rooms

  • Level 2: non-bookable study room for three groups of six people, with glass boards for notes and display.  The room is located at the back of the Library, on the left-hand (north-west) side.  The level 2 Learning Commons is also suitable for group study.
  • Level 3 room 3.16: suitable for two groups of up to six people, using desks with built in plasma screens and glass boards.  This room is on the East side of the building.
  • Level 4: an area near the front of the floor with open, flexible groupwork space.

Across the campus

Bookable rooms

  • Chancellors' Building and 8W 1.28: students can also book some group study spaces and workstations online via the room booking site.  You can only book a max of 2 hours of space per day.  These rooms are for group work only, not private study or revision: book a room

  • Norwood House Level 2: Open 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday: bookable rooms for group work and private interviews: book a room

Non-bookable rooms

  • Student Union Centre: flexible area on Level 2, and large group tables on level 3.

Using Library Study Areas

You should make yourself aware of the rules associated with noise, food and drink in Library study spaces.

Borrowing Equipment

In addition to the equipment outlined above, you might like to borrow audiovisual (AV) equipment.  Computing Services provide an AV service which hires out a wide range of equipment including laptops, speakers, DVD player and video cameras: refer to the full list of AV equipment to hire.

To request or enquire about AV equipment or to report any issues with hired equipment, you can contact the AV Service as follows:

  • Email:

  • Complete an online request form

  • Visit the Computing Services Service Desk. This is located in the Library: West side of level 2.

  • Laptops: If borrowing a laptop, you will also need to refer to the relevant terms and conditions.

  • Calculators can be borrowed from the Issue Desk on Level 2 on receipt of your Library Card and are for use in the Library only.

  • White board pens and erasers can be borrowed from the Issue desk on Level 2 during staffed hours or from Security staff at the Library entrance.


Computing Services Support

You can contact Computing Services as follows (if relevant, include the ID number of the PC that you are using):

  • Online enquiry form
  • Out of hours help
  • Telephone: 01225 383434
  • In-person at the Computing Services Service Desk (located in the Library on the West side of level 2).  Opening hours: Monday Tuesday Thursday & Friday: 900 am - 500 pm. Wednesday: 1000am - 500pm. 

Rooms for Telephone Interviews

There are suitable locations on campus and in the Virgil Building that may be used for telephone interviews.

You need to make sure to request a group study space with a size 1, then select a room starting with the name NH 2.17.