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The Development Toolkit - an online learning and development resource for staff

Find out how to use the Development Toolkit to access online resources to support your professional and personal development.

An overview

The Development Toolkit is an online tool available to all staff with over 2,000 resources such as top tips, key guides and self-assessments on a range of topics including leadership, personal skills and well-being.

You can access new 'Playlists' (grouped resources) that may be helpful during the Covid-19 situation and support you with the changes to your working environment:

There are also Management 101 e-learning modules available (20-60 minutes each), including:

  • Coaching e-learning
  • Communication e-learning
  • Decision-making e-learning
  • Difficult conversations e-learning
  • Managing teams e-learning
  • Presentations e-learning
  • Project management e-learning
  • Self development e-learning
  • Time management e-learning
  • Well being e-learning

Who can use the Development Toolkit

The Development Toolkit is available to all University of Bath staff to support your learning and development, and provide on-demand job-related support.

How to log in

Sign in using your University username and password, and either search for a specific topic, or use the tabs to review resources within key themes.

It is recommended you use either Chrome or Firefox.


If you have any questions, please contact us.