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The Gold Scholarship Programme from 2024 entry onwards

If you are an undergraduate student starting your studies from September 2024 onwards, you may be eligible to apply for the Gold Scholarship Programme.

Students posing for a group photograph
Gold scholars posing for a group photograph

The information supplied on this page is for undergraduate students starting their studies in September 2024 or after.

Please refer to the Historic Terms and Conditions for your year of entry if you joined the University of Bath before September 2024.

What is the Gold Scholarship Programme?

The Gold Scholarship Programme (GSP) is available to students with a household income of £30,000 and below, and is worth up to £5,000 per year of study.

As well as financial support, the GSP offers a compulsory enrichment programme to enhance personal development. This includes:

  • 50 hours of volunteering or approved roles a year
  • mentoring
  • personal development, networking and skills training sessions1
  • support with placements and internships
  • pastoral support networks

The payment structure will be as follows:

  • First year on campus - £5,000 total comprised of: £3,250 cash, £1,000 campus credit2 plus £750 accommodation reduction if in university-housed accommodation

  • Continuing student studying in Bath all year - £5,000 total comprised of: £4,000 cash and £1,000 campus credit2

Details of the payment schedule can be found here.

For students on placement:

  • Placement student thin paid placement - £2,500 total comprised of: £2,000 cash and £500 campus credit2
  • Placement student thin unpaid placement - £5,000 total comprised of: £4,500 cash and £500 campus credit2

  • Placement student thick unpaid placement - £5,000 total comprised of: £5,000 cash

Gold scholars who take an unpaid placement period may also be eligible for the Placement Bursary.

Up to 50 students a year will be given the opportunity to take part in this exciting scholarship programme.


As a result of the new Access and Participation Plan, from 2024 entry onwards, you must meet the following criteria to be considered for a Gold Scholarship:

  • you are a new first-year Home UK3 undergraduate student
  • you have a household income assessment4 of £30,000 or below
  • you are registered on a full-time undergraduate degree course based on the University of Bath campus
  • you meet a contextual criterion

The contextual criteria that we consider are:

  • eligibility for Free School Meals during secondary school education5
  • your home postcode is considered to be in an area of relative deprivation, as defined by the Indices of Multiple Deprivation5 and IF you attended a private school, this was for no more than two years within the last four years.
  • you are a Care Leaver
  • you are estranged
  • you are a Young Adult Carer
  • you are a refugee

You must ensure that you:

  • have requested for a household income assessment to be completed by your relevant UK student loans awarding agency e.g., Student Finance England (or equivalent)
  • have not withheld permission for your household income assessment to be shared with the University by your student loans awarding agency

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have applied for a household income assessment ahead of starting your studies. It can take 6-8 weeks for the SLC to conduct and process a household income assessment; so, we strongly recommend that you start this process as soon as possible. Please do not leave it until August to apply for your student finance.

The University is not responsible for any delays in your student loans application being processed or information not being passed onto us by your student loans awarding agency.

How to apply

New first-year undergraduates who are due to start studies in 2024 will be invited to apply for the GSP through the University of Bath Application Tracker.

You will be required to answer 3 supporting questions, all with a word count of 250 words. You will be invited, by email, to do this from mid/late May 2024, if you have made us your Firm or Insurance choice via UCAS.

Applications to the GSP will be scored solely on answers to the supporting questions; so, we urge applicants to answer the questions carefully and fully.

These awards are discretionary, so even if you meet the criteria you are not guaranteed one. Some awards may be linked to specific faculties, departments or courses of study.

You can apply for both the GSP and a Bath Bursary, but you will only receive one award if successful.

The consent option to share your household income with the University will be automatically ticked within your SLC application. Please ensure that neither you nor your parent/guardian unticks this, otherwise the University will be unable to assess your funding eligibility.

The University is grateful to our alumni and individual donors who support these awards.

Closing date?

The closing date for the Gold Scholarship Programme is 9am (GMT) on Monday 2nd September 2024. We cannot accept applications past this point.

Scholar stories

Watch current Gold Scholars talking about the Gold Scholarship and discover what it's like to be a scholarship recipient at Bath.

Find out about being a scholar from our student bloggers.

Other funding opportunities

See our scholarships and bursaries web pages for information about other funding opportunities.

If you are a current student experiencing financial hardship you can speak to Student Money Advice who can provide you with helpful information, advice and additional financial support, where appropriate.

See our Terms and Conditions for more information

Terms and Conditions 2024/5


If you have any questions, please contact us.

  1. Scholars are required to take part in a number of sessions across the academic year, some of which will take place on evenings and at weekends. 

  2. For use in on-campus hospitality and retails outlets, excluding Fresh. Students in receipt of campus credit will also receive a 10% discount on purchases when paying at the till. 

  3. Eligible UK students are those assessed as eligible for tuition fee and maintenance loans, as determined by Student Finance England, or other relevant UK student loans awarding agency, and have a Home fees status as determined by the University. When applying for the maintenance loan, you should request for it to be based on your household income, and for permission to be given by the person whose income is being assessed. 

  4. You need to request a household income assessment to be completed by your student loans awarding agency, even if you are not planning on taking out a maintenance loan. Find out more about applying for household income assessments

  5. This information is retrieved by the University, directly from your UCAS application. 

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