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The IPR Visiting Fellows and Visiting Policy Fellows schemes

Outstanding national or international academics or policymakers can apply to spend up to six months with the Institute for Policy Research (IPR).

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Apply to spend up to six months at the Institute for Policy Research at Bath.

About the schemes

We offer a rolling programme of Visiting Fellow and Visiting Policy Fellow awards to spend up to six months with the IPR to carry out research which reflects the IPR's research profile.

Successful candidates will be involved in current policy debates at the national and international level, and will provide originality and inspiration in analysing complex policy problems. Candidates should also have a strong record of engagement and knowledge exchange across the research or policy interface.

If your application is successful, we will offer up to £5,000, depending on the length of your visit, to help with travel and living costs.

We offer a maximum of four awards per year.

Visiting Fellow awards

These are intended to support outstanding academics with a permanent position at an established university to spend up to six months resident at the University of Bath.

Visiting Policy Fellow awards

These are intended to support policymakers from UK or overseas governments, policy organisations and NGOs to spend up to six months resident at the University of Bath.

See a list of the current Academic and Policy Fellows at the IPR.

How to apply

You must be nominated by a University of Bath academic who must complete the application form.

The application should include:

  • a statement of the proposed research activity and the forms of policy and/or public engagement it will involve, with a clear explanation of how these link to the IPR's objectives
  • a curriculum vitae no more than two pages long
  • a budget, setting out the costs that will be incurred
  • details of colleagues in other departments who will be actively involved in collaboration with the visitor

The proposer should pass the application to the Director of the IPR, Professor Nick Pearce.

The selection process

The IPR Visiting Awards Committee will consider the applications soon after the deadlines. This Committee will consist of the PVC Research (Chair), the IPR Director and one other member of the IPR Leadership Team.

The IPR will inform all applicants of the outcome of the IPR Visiting Awards Committee.

Successful applicants

We expect visits to begin within six months of the Committee's decision.

A successful award is not a contract of employment and it is a condition of the award that the home institution of the successful applicant will cover salary costs during the visit.

It will be the Visiting Fellow's responsibility to arrange visas, accommodation and transport and to make any other living arrangements for the duration of their stay.

Visiting Fellows will be based in the IPR, which will provide office accommodation and access to services (library, email, computing) as appropriate and free of charge.

Each visitor is required to write an IPR Policy Brief and present an IPR lecture or seminar as part of their visit.