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The Researcher Development Framework: Domain A

Learn more about the knowledge and intellectual abilities needed to be able to carry out excellent research.

Image of the RDF highlighting Domain A
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This domain is part of the wider Researcher Development Framework - a professional development framework for researchers.

This domain covers the following key areas:

  • subject knowledge
  • research methods
  • information seeking and management
  • academic literacy and numeracy
  • analysis and evaluation
  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • creative thinking and innovation
  • constructive defence of research

Evidencing your development

Here are some examples:

  • knowledge of your research area and its relationships with other research areas
  • using a range of information technologies to find and manage research literature and data
  • identifying, applying and developing research methods and experimental techniques appropriate for research projects
  • writing research papers
  • literacy and numeracy skills appropriate for research
  • demonstrating original contributions to knowledge
  • analysing and evaluating research findings using appropriate methods
  • thinking originally, independently and critically; developing theoretical concepts
  • critically synthesising information from diverse sources
  • evaluating progress, impact and the outcomes of research
  • evaluating and applying appropriate solutions to a range of research problems
  • giving and receiving constructive criticism
  • developing new ways of working
  • identifying new trends; creating new opportunities
  • developing convincing and persuasive arguments to defend research
  • taking intellectual risks; challenging the status quo

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