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University of Bath

Travel Fund for teaching development

Find out how to apply for funding to cover registration and travel costs to attend conferences and events that support best practice in teaching and learning.

Funding criteria

The TDF (Teaching Development Fund) has a Travel Fund to enable members of staff who teach and/or support student learning to attend events that support best practice in learning and teaching.

Staff can apply for funding to attend and contribute to a national or international network, meeting, event or conference with a view to one or more of the following:

  • disseminate best practice;
  • establish inter-institutional and discipline-specific collaborations;
  • benchmark the University's practice nationally or internationally.

In 2020/21, funding can be used towards registration fees only. Funding will not be available for travel or associated expenses. Funding is available on a first-come-first-served basis, but priority for funding will be given to TDF project fundholders who are in a position to present the outcomes of their funded project.

Please note that the TDF Travel Fund supports activities that relate to learning and teaching, not content or curriculum. The fund does not support attendance at research or discipline conferences.

To ensure fair allocation, the maximum amount an individual may claim is £500.

How to apply for funding

Funding requests will be accepted on an ad hoc basis until all the funds are allocated or by the end of July 2021 (whichever is earlier).

To apply for funding, send a request for support to the Centre for Learning & Teaching at

Please include the following information with your request:

  • name and date of conference or event;
  • rationale for attendance, including benefit to the individual and the University
  • the associated TDF project (if relevant), with full project title and funding period;
  • total amount requested. Please note that if you are successful, the funding will be paid as a lump sum and no additional expenses may be claimed after the event;
  • electronic signature of the applicant's Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching) to verify that the event meets the fund's criteria.

Funding applications will be considered and approved by the Chair of the TDF Panel.

Receiving payment

If your application is successful, payment of registration fees will be made as a lump sum into the attendee's K account.

Reporting back about your funding

Following the conference or event, any learning or reflections and other useful information should be made available to share more widely with University colleagues. This could be in the form of a blog post or a short talk at a forthcoming CLT Lunchtime Hub and/or EduFest, the University's annual learning and teaching conference. In the first instance, please email a brief synopsis to