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Updating ESS Record - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions to help update ESS record

Updating ESS Record

Why am I being asked to update this information?

Complete and accurate data is critical to allowing us to properly manage and support our staff and meet our requirements under GDPR regulations. Being able to contact staff or their next of kin by phone, email and home address is critically important where there is an emergency or we need to communicate key information to you. Having the correct information on protected characteristics also allows us to monitor how fair we are being as an employer by reviewing anonymised and collated data on outcomes for staff with different protected characteristics. Further details on how the University collects and uses your data and how it meets its data protection obligations can be found in the Workforce Data Protection and Privacy Statement.

What is HESA?

Each year the University is required to return statistical employee data to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) - all data is anonymised and collated.  The data collated by HESA is considered to be the trusted source of higher education data and statistics.  This data informs a variety of areas including league tables and government bodies and is very important for the way the University of Bath is presented.  Many of the measures that influence rankings in the sector are drawn from this data.  Further information is available on the HESA website.  Complete and accurate data is essential for this and other statutory reports and our requirements under GDPR regulations.

Why am I being asked about my disability status?

The University gained level 3 Disability Confident leader status in July 2020 and are now taking an active role in working to change attitudes and behaviours. We aim to be an inclusive university, where difference is respected and any barriers are broken down. In order to be able to monitor effectively how we are doing we need to be able to review outcomes on collated data including disability. We also use this information to be to reach out to our colleagues with disabilities as part of this culture change. If we do not know who you are we are unable to engage you in our initiatives for example Digital Accessibility and reinvigorating Disabled Staff Group
In addition, HESA (as detailed above) asks the University to provide data regards the diversity of the workforce. HESA also predetermines the drop-down menu for the types of disabilities.

Who can see my data?

Sensitive information on protected characteristics (such as age, disability, gender reassignment etc.) can only be viewed by a small number of identified staff within Human Resources. Your line manager, or anyone else above them in the management line, is not able to view this information.

How can I review and update my personal information in iTrent?

After logging into Employee Self-Service (ESS), you will be able to review and update your personal information by following the guidance on the iTrent Webpage under the ‘ESS’ section.

How can I review and update my Academic Teaching Qualifications?

After logging into Employee Self-Service (ESS), click in the box under “Academic Teaching Qualifications” for the list of options to appear then select the relevant option(s) accordingly. More information on Academic Teaching Qualifications can be found here. Please forward a copy of your academic teaching qualification to so that a copy can be retained on your personal file.


If you have any questions, please contact us.