University of Bath

Uploading probation forms to iTrent

How to upload probation forms to our HR and payroll system, iTrent.

Upload a probation form

You must follow these steps successfully or the system may not be aware you have completed the relevant stage and continue to send reminders.

To upload a probation form:

  1. Log in to Manager self-service (MSS) using your single sign-on University username and password.
  2. Click on the employee you are uploading the probation form for on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Click 'Complete probation review'.
  4. Enter the details requested:
    • Job title - make sure the job title is correct or change as necessary
    • Review type - choose the correct review type explaining if this is a Start, Mid or End probation review
    • Date occurred - enter the date the meeting occurred
    • Overall rating - enter the overall rating from the form – satisfactory or concerns for performance
  5. Enter next review date (this will not affect reminders that are sent from the system):
    • If you are entering the 'start probation' enter the date of the mid probation meeting (or expected)
    • If you are entering the 'mid probation' enter this as the date of the end probation meeting (or expected)
    • If you are entering the 'end probation' enter this as the date the employees first SDPR meeting will be due
  6. Click 'save'.
  7. Click the blue arrow on the right-hand side (in line with the title 'chain: probation review').
  8. Enter the details requested:
    • Document - name your document, for example, 'Tom Smith Mid probation form'
    • Document type - choose the relevant document type, for example, 'Start-probation', 'Mid-probation' or 'End-probation'
    • Visible in self-service - tick the box to make sure your employee can view the upload
    • Select a file - use the 'browse' button to find the relevant document and upload it
  9. Click 'save'.
  10. Navigate away from the screen or shut it down if you have finished using MSS.