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Using our Proposal to Award Management system

Find out how to use our Proposal to Award Management (PAM) system, for developing, submitting, managing and closing your research awards.

Proposal to Award Management
Proposal to Award Management

About PAM

The Proposal to Award Management (PAM) system is transforming our processes for applying for and managing research applications and awards. This is a fully integrated electronic environment which supports an excellent user experience for proposal development, submission, award management and closure.

The most commonly used funder schemes are in the system. However, if your funder or scheme does not appear in the list when you are setting up your project contact Pre-Award. Allow 24 hours’ notice if you require a new scheme to be set up.


Go to Agresso Web and select 'PAM' to access PAM.

If you cannot see 'PAM' in the menu or an Administrator requires access contact Pre-Award.

User manuals

See our user manuals to help you with PAM.

This includes:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • navigation overview
  • access and main menu screens
  • project setup
  • creating a costing
  • approving a costing
  • using tabs for project setup screens
  • using the advanced costings search

Additional approvals

The Office of the University Secretary has ethics guidance to be followed:

For ethics queries contact Clare Henderson: email:

For technical queries contact Chris Cooper: email:

The deployment of the PAM system has been split into two phases.

PAM features

  • a project site with unique PAM ID reference
  • additional tabs for information related to; University review, University contribution, contracts, award management, project management
  • additional tab for the Dean's checklist form, when a full economic cost has not been agreed for your industrial contract
  • summary of project information that includes; project titles, PI’s, departments, funders, external partners, individual costings
  • embedded application costing that includes; funder costs, DA staff costs, DI staff costs, students costs, equipment costs, facilities costs, non-staff costs, FEC Costs and Price Breakdown
  • automated application costing approval workflow
  • access to an electronic ethics form
  • automated ethics form approval workflow
  • P.I. email notifications

Future features of PAM

  • award costing for Pre-Award
  • automated award costing approval workflow
  • automated data feeds to pricing and billing application and planner
  • automated data feeds to PURE
  • new electronic forms for LURS and EQR1, embedded with automated approval workflows and data feeds to and from PAM
  • Professional Services notifications


The Pre-Award team provides support for research funding applications and awards. This includes:

  • training on how to use the Proposal to Award Management (PAM) system
  • advising on Full Economic Costing (FEC)
  • advising on different funding rules and regulations
  • advising on authorisation processes for your proposal

All research funding applications need to be costed and approved using the Proposal to Award Management (PAM) system.

Issue management

All issues, whether user or technical, should be reported to Pre-Award who will assess the issue and act accordingly. Submissions of tickets via Help Desk will be made by Pre-Award only.


A survey has been prepared in order to capture feedback that participants may wish to share. There are only 6 questions so it will not take long to complete. Participate in the survey.

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