University of Bath

Using the Report and Support tool

All staff, students, and visitors to our campus can report discrimination, misconduct, harassment or assault.

Using the Report and Support tool

The information you provide in this report will remain confidential. You will be believed. You will be taken seriously. You won't be pressured to make a formal report. When you talk to us, it is in confidence.

If you are submitting a named report an adviser will be able to provide support and signpost to other support services, and also help with the formal complaint process.

If you are reporting anonymously then we will be unable to contact you offering support. We can use anonymous reports for monitoring and data purposes, so action may still occur thanks to your report.

If you or the person you are reporting on behalf is in urgent support or is in immediate danger, please call University Security or the Emergency Services.

Completing the Report and Support form

Follow the steps to complete the form:

  1. Select who you are reporting on behalf of. You can make a report on behalf of yourself or somebody else.
  2. Select what your connection to the University is. Any staff, student, or visitor can make a report.
  3. Enter the details of the incident you are reporting on. This is optional but recommended.
  4. Select which definition provided best describes your report. This is optional and you can select all which apply.
  5. Select, if you feel comfortable doing so, a reason for the incident. This is optional and you can select all which apply.
  6. Select which department you would like your report to be sent to. You can select multiple departments and if you aren't sure which department to send to, select 'unsure'.
  7. Providing your information. If you provide contact details (name and email address or telephone number) you will be contacted by a member of staff. If you want to report anonymously do not provide this information.
  8. Providing further information is optional. We monitor reports to develop the #NeverOK campaign. For example, we might want to know how many female students have made a report in the last 6 months. We do not include any personal details in these monitoring reports.
  9. You have completed the Report and Support form. You can now submit your report.