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Westwood student accommodation

Westwood is self-catered accommodation for first year undergraduate students and pre-sessional English students in the summer, on the west side of campus.

A bedroom in Westwood
A bedroom in Westwood

About this accommodation

Westwood is a self-catered accommodation complex of seven blocks of flats for 654 first year undergraduate students. Pre-sessional English students can also stay here in the summer.

Groups of 16 to 22 students share two or three kitchens and three or four showers and toilets.

There are also studio flats available which are prioritised for students with medical conditions. They have a private en-suite shower and kitchenette.

It is on the west side of campus, a five-minute walk to the Library and Students' Union.

Westwood accommodation has:

  • secure swipe card access to buildings
  • communal toilets and bathrooms, shared by around five students
  • launderette
  • secure bike storage
  • 38 week contracts for Mendip, Quarry, Quantock and Conygre
  • 40 week contracts for Cotswold, Derhill and Wolfson


The bedrooms in Westwood give you personal space to work and relax.

Each room has:

  • standard 91cm x 183cm single bed
  • desk
  • chair
  • bookshelves
  • wardrobe
  • drawers
  • wash basin
  • reading light above the bed
  • high-speed Wi-Fi and ethernet connection

Kitchens and dining

Each flat has a communal kitchen with:

  • oven
  • grill
  • electric hobs
  • microwave
  • fridge-freezers
  • table and chairs
  • cupboards and drawers

Accommodation for students with disabilities

There is no accessible accommodation for students with disabilities in the Westwood complex.

If you have a disability or additional needs, you can choose to live in one of the specially adapted bedrooms in our on-campus accommodation.

Room numbers

Westwood accommodation is made up of seven blocks:

  • Quarry
  • Mendip
  • Wolfson
  • Derhill
  • Quantock
  • Cotswold
  • Conygre

Quarry, Mendip and Wolfson have five floors with 25 rooms on each.

Derhill, Quantock, Cotswold and Conygre have five houses per block. Each block has 19 rooms.

Your room details contain your building, floor or house and room number.

For example the room number:

  • R1.01 means you are located in Quarry, ground floor, room one
  • M1.01 means you are located in Mendip, ground floor, room one
  • L2.02 means you are located in Wolfson, second floor, room two
  • Y1.01 means you are located in Conygre, house one, room one
  • Q2.02 means you are located in Quantock, house two, room two
  • T1.01 means you are located in Cotswold, house one, room one
  • D1.01 means you are located in Derhill, house one, room one

Included in the accommodation package

These items and services come as part of the price of your accommodation:

You are responsible for keeping your rooms clean and tidy.

Hall Representatives

At the start of the academic year you can elect a Hall Representative.

The Students’ Union supports Hall Representatives to organise social and community-building events.

Hall Representatives collect student feedback about living in the accommodation. They discuss this with the University and the Students’ Union to make sure your voices are heard.


See our prices for:


There is no smoking in any of our University accommodation.

Blog post

Read a blog post about living in Westwood by Jemima, a first year pharmacy student.

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