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What we offer

Wellbeing Advisers give students help and advice on all welfare and wellbeing issues.

Group of wellbeing advisers
Our Wellbeing Team

When you contact the Wellbeing Service we will ensure you get the right help from the right people to meet the challenges that life brings. We provide professional, practical support, advice and short term support and can help you access a range of services including, therapy, mental health support, groups and information. Come to us if you are feeling worried or upset about anything at all.

If you are concerned about someone else, (e.g. a housemate, friend or family member) you can also come to us for help and advice that can help to address your concerns.

Find out how to book an appointment with the Wellbeing Service.

We can help you with:

  • adjusting to university life
  • feeling lonely or unsure about friends
  • problems in relationships with family, friends or partners
  • feeling stressed, anxious, depressed or experiencing panic
  • coming to terms with bereavement or difficult things in the past
  • troubles with eating, self-harm or feeling suicidal
  • difficulties with confidence or low self-esteem
  • sexual health advice (more information is available on our sexual health page).

Confidentiality and safeguarding

The Wellbeing Service is committed to the highest standards of professional practice and we respect the importance of confidentiality in all our dealings with you.

We also take our duty of care responsibilities for you seriously and if, at any time, there are serious concerns for your wellbeing or safety there are robust safeguarding measures in place to support you and keep you safe.

See how Student Support deals with your confidential information.

Booking a wellbeing consultation

How to book an appointment with the Wellbeing Team


If you have any questions, please contact us.