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University of Bath

Work remotely with UniApps and UniDesk

Students and academic staff can use UniApps to access and print files from University-provided software on their own devices.

UniApps and UniDesk

UniApps lets you access your files, use a range of academic software and send items to print on campus from your own computer, smartphone or tablet anywhere with internet access. If you want to acess UniApps via a web browser, it works best using Internet Explorer.

Use UniDesk to access your University desktop

While UniApps lets you integrate your University apps and files with your home device, you may prefer to access your University desktop on your computer as if you were using a computer on campus. UniDesk can be accessed by clicking on the UniDesk icon in the UniApps webpage or Microsoft Desktop App.

Software available on UniApps

Through UniApps, you can access a number of University-licensed software packages:

  • CES EduPack
  • ChemDraw Prime
  • Eclipse
  • EndNote
  • File Explorer
  • IBM SPSS Statistics
  • Maple
  • memoQ
  • Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, Powerpoint and Word)
  • OBSim
  • R
  • Ratcvs
  • Visual Studio