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Work remotely with UniApps and UniDesk

Students and academic staff can use UniApps to access and print files from University-provided software on their own devices.

UniApps and UniDesk

UniApps lets you access your files, use a range of academic software and send items to print on campus from your own computer, smartphone or tablet anywhere with internet access. Log in online to access UniApps via your web browser

You will need to connect to the University's Virtual Private Network (VPN) before accessing UniApps or UniDesk. Follow the guidance on setting up VPN on your device if you haven't already done this.

Use UniDesk to access your University desktop

While UniApps lets you integrate your University apps and files with your home device, you may prefer to access your University desktop on your computer as if you were using a computer on campus. Access UniDesk

Please make sure that all files have finished synchronising in OneDrive before leaving or logging out of any session on Azure Virtual Desktop or UniApps. You can find out what the OneDrive icons mean on the Microsoft website.

  • Users of all services should be advised to sign out of their session when they are finished (A disconnected session remains open for some time to allow users whose internet connection fails to reconnect to their open session. This uses extra resources AND will delay a user being able to login to an alternative AVD session.)

  • Users of any AVD service can only open one session at a time ie Unidesk OR Ansys and Matlab they cannot have a session open on both at once)

Software available on UniApps

Through UniApps, you can access a number of University-licensed software packages:

  • Amos 28
  • Aspen One
  • Bioware
  • CCDC CSDS 2021
  • Comsol 5.6 for Elec Eng
  • Comsol 5.6 for Chem Eng
  • CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2021
  • ePMRX V2102_EducationalVersion
  • Essaywriter
  • Eviews
  • Gpower (On General Desktop)
  • Gaussian
  • Masshunter
  • Maxtraq
  • ORCAD 17.4
  • Revman 5.4