University of Bath

Year 12 Science Summer School

A chance for under-represented students in Year 12 to experience what it's like to live and study at a leading university.

Two female students in a science laboratory during the summer school.
Summer schools provide an opportunity for Year 12 students to experience university life

What to expect from the Summer School

This Summer School is for students thinking about studying a Science degree.

Students who attend should be academically gifted, under-represented and have a background that may make them less likely to go to university.

This Summer School is free and includes meals, accommodation and travel.

Students will live in university accommodation and take part in academic and social activities.

This page has the dates for the next Summer School.

Academic workshops

These workshops will complement and enhance the A Level curriculum and develop their independent study skills.

Your students will need to select a subject from the following options:


Projects will cover areas such as genetics, microbiology, neuroscience and evolution.

To take part, students must be studying A Level Biology plus one other A Level Science subject or Maths.

This is not suitable for students wishing to study medicine at university.


Projects will cover areas such as sustainable technologies where students will have the opportunity to build their own renewable energy sources, for example, solar cells.

To take part, students must be studying A Level Chemistry plus one other A Level Science subject or Maths.

Computer Science

Projects may cover areas such as programming in different languages.

To take part, students must be studying A Level Maths.


Projects will cover areas such as climate and weather prediction.

To take part, students must be studying both A Level Maths and Further Maths.


Projects will cover areas such as gravitational forces, light and its diffraction and terminal velocity of objects.

To take part, students must be studying both A Level Maths and Physics.

Preparing to apply for a course

We'll give your students the opportunity to learn about:

  • the life of a student at a leading university
  • how to choose the right university course
  • how to make a high-quality UCAS application
  • how to manage the financial side of university including fees and funding

Social opportunities

Your students will have the opportunity to:

  • take part in activities in our Sports Training Village
  • take part in workshops in our new arts centre, The Edge
  • explore Bath and see some of the sights the city has to offer

How students benefit from the summer school

The summer school helps your students improve their critical thinking and independent study skills. We will enhance their chosen subject and support their progression to higher education.

Your students will:

  • experience university teaching in subject taster sessions
  • learn how to undertake research by completing a project in a subject they enjoy
  • get an insight into student life
  • receive tips for their future career choices
  • have their own room in student accommodation
  • socialise with other Year 12 students and university Outreach Ambassadors
  • be able to make an informed decision about university

Entry requirements

Your students must:

  • be in Year 12 at a state school or college in the United Kingdom
  • be defined by the school as academically gifted or have achieved mostly A*, A and B grades at GCSE (including Maths and English)
  • meet the academic subject requirements, provided above

They must also meet the widening participation criteria.

Our other Summer Schools

We also run separate Social Sciences and Engineering Summer Schools

Watch this video of a Summer School with your students to see what to expect