Research Associate (fixed-term post)

Job title Research Associate (fixed-term post)

Department Computer Science

Salary Starting from £33,199, rising to £39,609

Grade Grade 7

Placed on Friday 26 April 2019

Closing date Monday 27 May 2019

Interview date See advert

Reference CC6702

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The Department of Computer Science seeks applications for a Research Associate for the project ‘The Limits of Transparency for Humanoid Robotics’. This project is funded by the AXA Research Fund, as part of an award to the PI, Joanna Bryson for her work on AI ethics and the systems engineering of AI for society.

The project seeks to determine the relationship between transparency of an AI system and the extent to which it is anthropomorphic. As such it requires both human subject experiments run involving autonomous robots, and participation in the design of robot behaviour.

We seek a researcher with demonstrated competence in both human subject experiments and formal publication, experience in working with robotics and with AI programming would be a considerable asset. The grant provides for professional programming support, but the ideal candidate would know enough about programming to supervise and facilitate software contractors where necessary.

This is expected to be a high-profile project in what is already an internationally-leading research group in AI ethics. Well-suited candidates will be encouraged to pursue further funding from the same and other sources in collaboration with the PI.

Strong candidates would be expected to have a PhD or other postgraduate research experience from at least one of two sorts of backgrounds, and must be willing to acquire some expertise in the other:

  • Artificial intelligence, ideally with prior experience in transparency research, systems AI, human subject experiments and/or programming commercial robotics; or 
  • An experimental social science: experimental (behavioural) economics, psychology, or philosophy; ideally with previous experience in public goods games and programming software to run experiments. 

Candidates should have strong peer-reviewed publications and be able to show a track record of collaborating well with teams of other researchers. Evidence of excellent and open research practices would be of great value, examples might include an extant portfolio of code projects available, e.g. on github, or of publications with data and replication materials made publicly available. Please include links to such resources in your cover letter. 

Candidates should demonstrate as much of the following expertise or experience as possible. Where attributes are not presently held, interest in and a pathway towards learning any further capacities, may be communicated in the cover letter:

  • Experience running and publishing human subject experiments, including data maintenance, ethics permissions, statistical analysis
  • Experience running and publishing public goods games or other similar behavioural economics experiments
  • Systems engineering of real-time human-like AI
  • Operating or programming pepper or other Softbank/Aldeberon robots
  • AI policy development
  • Experience in academic and public speaking
  • Experience working with research students (MSc, PhD, or undergraduate dissertation)

This is a 12-month position and is expected to commence in July 2019, but the starting date is flexible.

Interviews will take place 10-12 June 2019 (exact date to be confirmed).

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