Lens design system - University of Bath

Pattern library and style guide V1.09

Lens is our digital design system. The pattern library and style guide are designed to help you quickly create consistent pages with unified behaviours and styles.

The design system includes:

  • A style guide - Information on grid structure, typography and colour usage
  • A pattern library - Our global and common ingredients with ‘live’ examples, code snippets and notes on implementation
  • Pattern ‘recipes’ - Examples of multiple ingredients grouped together in commonly-used layouts


We like to do things a little differently and, being big fans of food, we use cooking as a metaphor for the major parts of our design system. Where others systems have components and contexts, we have ingredients and recipes.

Lens versions

Significant releases of Lens are tagged with a version number.

The current version of Lens is 110

Lens 110 was released on 20 September 2022

We have a full changelog for Lens on the wiki

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