University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MA Contemporary European Studies (with transatlantic track) (7)

MA Contemporary European Studies: Politics Policy and Society (12)

MA Education (23)

MA Education (Educational Leadership and Management) (13)

MA Education (International Education) (13)

MA Education (Learning & Teaching) (1)

MA International Education and Globalisation (12)

MA International Relations (19)

MA International Relations and European Politics (8)

MA International Security (11)

MA Interpreting and Translating (20)

MA Interpreting and Translating (Chinese) (3)

MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (8)

MA Translation and Professional Language Skills (9)

MA Translation with Business Interpreting (Chinese) (2)

MBA Master of Business Administration (41)

MBA Master of Business Administration (Executive) (29)

MRes Advanced Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences (2)

MRes Economics (3)

MRes Education (5)

MRes Environment, Energy & Resilience (1)

MRes Global Political Economy (1)

MRes Global Political Economy: Transformations & Policy Analysis (2)

MRes Health & Wellbeing (7)

MRes in Social Research Methods (Pathway: Global Political Economy) (1)

MRes International Development (9)

MRes Politics and International Studies (5)

MRes Programme in Social & Policy Sciences (1)

MRes Psychology (14)

MRes Research Programme in Health & Wellbeing (1)

MRes Security, Conflict & Human Rights (3)

MRes Security, Conflict & Justice (5)

MRes Social Policy (6)

MRes Social Work (5)

MRes Sociology (8)

MRes Sustainable Futures (1)

MSc Accounting and Finance (118)

MSc Applied Clinical Psychology (55)

MSc Applied Economics with Banking & Financial Markets (7)

MSc Applied Economics with Behavioural Science (1)

MSc Applied Economics with Public Policy (1)

MSc Applied Psychology and Economic Behaviour (9)

MSc Architectural Engineering: Environmental Design (60)

MSc Architectural Engineering: Fa├žade Engineering (4)

MSc Automotive Engineering (49)

MSc Business Analytics (37)

MSc Civil Engineering: Innovative Structural Materials (44)

MSc Conservation of Historic Buildings (77)

MSc Conservation of Historic Gardens and Cultural Landscapes (9)

MSc Data Science and Statistics (1)

MSc Economics (15)

MSc Economics & Finance (86)

MSc Electrical Power Systems (46)

MSc Engineering Design (15)

MSc Entrepreneurship and Management (63)

MSc Finance (41)

MSc Finance with Banking (18)

MSc Finance with Risk Management (37)

MSc Health Psychology (65)

MSc Human Resource Management and Consulting (68)

MSc Innovation and Technology Management (117)

MSc Integrated Environmental Management (20)

MSc International Construction Management (7)

MSc International Development (31)

MSc International Development with Conflict and Humanitarian Action (6)

MSc International Development with Economics (3)

MSc International Development, Social Justice and Sustainability (6)

MSc International Management (38)

MSc International Money and Banking (14)

MSc International Public Policy Analysis (6)

MSc Management (42)

MSc Management with Finance (11)

MSc Management with Human Resource Management (1)

MSc Management with Marketing (9)

MSc Management with Operations Management (2)

MSc Marketing (62)

MSc Mathematical Sciences (4)

MSc Mechatronics (14)

MSc Modern Applications of Mathematics (18)

MSc Modern Building Design (3)

MSc Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (20)

MSc Research in Health Practice (1)

MSc Social Work (1)

MSc Sports Physiotherapy (2)

MSc Sustainability and Management (8)

MSc Wellbeing in Public Policy and International Development (9)