University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MA International Relations

Speak softly, carry a big Carrot, and a small stick: EU smart power in frozen conflicts

Hugo Van der Werff, 2017

The Politics of English National Identity and the 2016 EU Referendum

James Reith, 2017

The relative influence of sportswomen on normative gender relations & how the United States Womens National team has and continues to promote gender equity in glocal civil society

Lily Honor, 2017

Asia un-Pacific: Are Claimant Countries of the South China Sea Dispute Approaching a Legal Solution?

Anthony Ka Him Yuen, 2017

European neo-nationalism: Diffusion and implications for the EU

Anni Laihanen, 2017

New Terrorism, the security phenomenon of the twenty-first century: A historical evaluation of counter-terrorism within the United Kingdom.

Yasmeen Omran, 2016

American exceptionalism: An examination of its effects on the politics of Donald Trump

Daniel Horne, 2016

Arms Control at the BWC: Coping with Modernity?

Matthew Gian Singh, 2016

FRAMING THE NON-PLACE OF PHILIPPINE COLLECTIVE MEMORY:Misrecognition and Forgetting in Public and Private Resonance

Cara Andrea Palanca, 2016

The European Migration Crisis: FRONTEX's Impact on the Securitization of Migration

Emilie Schiltz, 2016

The Construction of Chinese National Identity and Foreign Policy Discoursesfrom a Constructivist Perspective

Li Xuan, 2015

The Development and Transformation of Gender Within New Wars: Girls and Insurgency Groups in Nigeria and Uganda

Katherine Kullman, 2015

The social construction of British national identity in 2015 and its impact in the national political order

Tomas Emiliano Irena Hernandez, 2015

Exploring Potential Mass Returns of Migrant Workers And Their Impacts on Development of Burma

Thiha Sitt, 2014

The Scope and Implications of Japans Militarization

Tetsuya Okamura, 2014

How do transatlantic institutional problems prevent the EU from effective resolutions to rift in transatlantic relations: the case of America's 'pivot' to Asia-Pacific.

Chuan Zhou, 2014

The Human Rights Dimension of the European Unions Arms Embargo on China and the Dynamics between Human Rights, Normative Power and Arms Embargo

Jiyuan Zhang, 2014

Alliance politics and the United States' diplomatic response to China's rise

Pengli Li, 2014

The Structural Relation ofImmigration Policy and National Identity

Helina Shebeshe, 2014

Sino-Indian Relations from 2009 to 2013: core pillars, new features and a constructivist analysis

Yiqing Li, 2014

Imagining South Asia: Is the two-nation theory still relevant in the wake of the secession of East Pakistan?

Joshua Parker, 2014

Trident and the Traditions of International Theory: an English School analysis of the British public debate on nuclear weapons policy

Gregory Ewbank, 2013

NeoclassicalRealismandtheUS Policy of Using Drones for Targeted Killings in Counterterrorism Strategy

Benita Schader, 2013