Masters dissertations

MA International Relations

Ontological Security and information warfare in cyberspace: Is information warfare redefining cyberwar?

Sonny Loughran, 2022

An Exploratory Study of Foreign Aid and its Impact on the Socioeconomic Development of the Maldives

Amr Danyal Shamun, 2022

A Clash of Ontological Security Across the Taiwan Straits during COVID-19

Eng Hao Soo, 2021

The Catholic Church and the European Union: a study of the influence of the discourse of Pope Pius XII on the unification of Europe

Gus Gehlen, 2019

Responses of the AU to Human Rights Norm Diffusion

Syrena Hsuan-Yu Lin, 2018

Transitional Justice In Argentina, Chile and Spain

Sian Maria Morgan, 2018

Brexit and its Significance for Political Unionism in Northern Ireland

Matthew Brown, 2018

America First: Primacy and Democracy Promotion in an Institutionalized Transatlantic Relationship

Robert Arenella, 2018

How can we understand the relationship between feminism and nationalism in the case of women's roles in 'terrorist groups' in the Middle East?

Zirong Zhao, 2018

Speak softly, carry a big Carrot, and a small stick: EU smart power in frozen conflicts

Hugo Van der Werff, 2017

The Politics of English National Identity and the 2016 EU Referendum

James Reith, 2017

The relative influence of sportswomen on normative gender relations & how the United States Womens National team has and continues to promote gender equity in glocal civil society

Lily Honor, 2017

Asia un-Pacific: Are Claimant Countries of the South China Sea Dispute Approaching a Legal Solution?

Anthony Ka Him Yuen, 2017

European neo-nationalism: Diffusion and implications for the EU

Anni Laihanen, 2017


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