Masters dissertations

MA International Security

The Impact of Illicit Arms Access on Intrastate Conflict: how it intensifies, prolongs and increase the number of non-state actors.

Anna Lundborg Regner, 2020

A Nationless State: Considering the Effects of Structural Violence on Collective Identity for Turkish Cypriots

Selin Orek, 2020

Adjusting to the East: Examining the significance of NATO in an era of Westlessness

Lauren Wareham, 2020

Evaluating the Application of the Rebel Greed Hypothesis in Conflict Mineral Legislation targeting the DRC since 2011

Timothy Michael Hector Huxham, 2020

R2P is What States Make of It: Investigating the effects of the 2011 military intervention in Libya on the Responsibility to Protect principle

Zoe Kerboul, 2020

UN Response: Evaluating ISIL's Use of Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War in Iraq and Syria from 2014

Emma Jones, 2020

Idols and Ideologies: the role of relationships in the decision to act by lone actor terrorists in the West

Frances Cleland Bones, 2020

To what extent does female gender oppression in Islamic patriarchal societies provide women with a personal motive significant in instigating active female complicity in suicide terrorist attacks?

Oliver Boorer, 2019

An Armed Response: Terrorism, Policing and Firearms in Great Britain

Jack Edward James, 2019

David and Goliath: The impact of energy securitisation and Turkeys regional hegemonic aspirations on Cyprus reunification attempts

Evrydiki Papavarnava, 2019

Informal war, An alternative perspective on 'hybrid warfare'.

Lincoln Sheff, 2019

Japan as a regional leader considering the Regional Powers and Security Framework and the decentering/recentering dynamic of the US-Japan alliance

Oliver Huxtable, 2018

Cybersecurity, Non-State Actors, and the European Union: Coherently Incoherent?

Henry Routh, 2017

Neoclassical Realism and British ambivalence towards European defence integration

Jack Dryden, 2017

Defining Terrorism Effectiveness The Case of the Islamic State

Francesco Duretto, 2017


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