University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MA International Security

Cybersecurity, Non-State Actors, and the European Union: Coherently Incoherent?

Henry Routh, 2017

Neoclassical Realism and British ambivalence towards European defence integration

Jack Dryden, 2017

Defining Terrorism Effectiveness The Case of the Islamic State

Francesco Duretto, 2017

The Impact of Terrorist Attacks on Financial Markets

Isabell Hermann, 2016

Why Does the Securitisation of Islam Pose a Threat to Norwegian Societal Security?

Ingvild Helene Knutsen Tomter, 2016

Making Your Mind Up: How does the British Media approach high-stakes political decision making?

Laura Cottrell, 2016

Keeping Calm and Soldiering On: Investigating the Dynamics and Outcomes of Contemporary Military Transformation in Great Britain.

Thomas Dickson, 2014

A Middle Powers destiny: How is Canadas influence at NATO affected by its operation in Afghanistan?

Kin Him Alan Ng, 2014

Imported Mafia: Frames of the Emergence and Continued Existence of Ethnic Organised Crime in German Media

Stephan Bernhard Pruss, 2014

Another Sonderfall? Swiss Neutrality and Military Peace Support Operations

Marie Victoire Helene Laure Baezner, 2014

Is China's approach to water security insecure?

Theodore Alexander, 2014

The Rise of China and Nuclear Deterrence in the Asia-Pacific Region

Katherine Freeman, 2014

Shaping Human Security Policy of Turkey: a Foreign Policy Tool for a Middle Power

Ayshe Nil Osmanoglu, 2013

How Terrorist Ideologies Impede Rational Deliberation: The Case of the Provisional IRA.

Steve Reckless, 2013

ASEAN and Its Internal Challenges to Capability in Regional Security

Yossarin Boonwiwattanakarn, 2013