Masters dissertations

MRes International Development

Basic Income and its impact on gender equality: an integrative review

Sanjana Suresh Kumar, 2022

Defending the soul of our country: Securitisation and counter-securitisation in the politics of asylum and immigration in the United Kingdom from 2017 to 2021.

Charlotte Berry, 2022

A holistic analysis of the interconnection of pandemic risk and climate change acceleration resulting from intensive swine farming in the United Kingdom.

Zeb Comber, 2021

Localising aid in the Libyan development landscape: Perspectives from International Donors and Local Civil Society Organisations

Ala Elghajiji, 2021

Attending to the relational: how relationality in research could transform outcomes for children in the Global South

Clare Hawkes, 2020

Menstrual Taboos and Menstrual Hygiene Policy in Nepal: A Qualitative Study in Dailekh District

Josephine McAllister, 2019

An Actor-oriented Assessment of Guinea's Local Content Policies (LCP): Opportunities and obstacles for the government, mining companies and civil society

Cindy Wilhelm, 2019

To what extent are Webers charismatic and bureaucratic organisational models helpful for understanding non-governmental organisations? The case of Send a Cow.

Robert Matthews, 2018

How are intersectional identities discussed with the hashtag MeToo on Twitter?

Faye Sumption, 2018

The impact of the diamond-led economic growth to the development of rural agricultural livelihoods in Botswana: The case of the village of Gasita

Blessing Kgasa, 2017

Youth volunteering in times of 'crisis': exploring how NGOs and development agencies understand the role of young volunteers in the Ebola response in Sierra Leone

Alice Chadwick, 2017

The impact of a Gender Quota Government on Gender-Sensitive policy development: A Mexico Case Study.

Maria Jose Ventura Alfaro, 2017


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