Masters dissertations

MRes Psychology

Comparing Up to Feel Down: How Other-Esteem and Social Comparisons Relate to Symptoms of Depression.

Susan Robinson-Molloy, 2022

Brain Structure Alterations Associated with Cumulative Prenatal Stress Exposure: A Voxel-Based Morphometry Study of Offspring Aged 9-18 Years

Rebecca Jackson, 2022

The Acute Effect of Exercise on Executive Function for people with and without ADHD: A Systematic Narrative Review

George Horne, 2022

Creative Arts and STEM: A Study Exploring Critical Thinking Throughout Higher Education

Oluwatobi Obadara, 2022

Exploring the Gender-Specific Impact of Online Social Interactions on Young Adults: A Hikikomori Risk Analysis

Rajavee Arora, 2022

An Exploratory Study Investigating the Association Between Camouflaging and Mental Fatigue

Catherine Chapman, 2022

Athlete Burnout and Psychophysiological Reactivity to a Pressurised Penalty Task Among Elite Female Football Players Over the Course of a Season

Jack Williams, 2021

Traditional print versus e-book experiences: Shared book reading in the 21st century.

Jessica Bradley, 2021

Multimodal Search in Virtual Reality: The Effect of Audition in Enhancing Visual Search Proficiency

Huw Williams, 2021

Source analysis of the neural correlates of recognition memory using Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation

Douglas Pulley, 2020

Taking the Black Pill: Intrasexual Competition, Mate Value, Right-Wing Authoritarianism, and Immigration Attitudes

Phoebe Surridge, 2020

Offenders approaches to overcoming victim resistance in technology-assisted child sexual abuse.

Katie Thomas, 2020

A mixed-methods analysis of the effects of an international pandemic on System-Justification and the endorsement of Essentialist explanations

Madeleine Millar, 2020

Perspective of the Stigmatised: The Relationship of Internalised, Anticipated and Experienced Stigma upon Quality of Life in Autistic Individuals

Annabelle Ray, 2020

Technological Attitudes and Understanding our Perception of Unfamiliar Technology

Conall Hartley, 2020

Effects of Decentering and Non-judgement on Body Dissatisfaction and Negative Affect: An Experimental Comparison of Two Metacognitive Mechanisms

Emma Osborne, 2020

Self-Other Decision-Making: The Role of Experience in Multi-Attribute Decision Scenarios

Joshua Ferme, 2020

Perceived Effectiveness of Mental Health Warning Labels for Tobacco Packaging: An Online Study

Chloe Burke, 2020

The Impact of Childhood Maltreatment on Alterations in Cortical Structure in Conduct Disorder

Marlene Staginnus, 2020

Association between Social Media and Well-Being in Young Adults During Lockdown

Nimshi Mahamalimage, 2020

Brain Structural Correlates of Facial Emotion Recognition in Adolescents with Conduct Disorder

Amy Packer, 2019

Investigating elevated depressive symptoms in student athletes: The role of sport-related concussion and other predictors

Daniel Walker, 2019

Annoying but not for me: autistic adults experience of restricted repetitive behaviours

Emma Collis, 2019

Brain Structure Abnormalities and Resilient Functioning in Trauma-Exposed Adolescents

Steve Eaton, 2018

Investigating the potential of YouTube content to change attitudes towards immigration

Yordanka Dimova, 2018

Why successful policy implementation in Elasmobranch conservation may rely upon individual behaviour change

Charley Lenton-Lyons, 2018

Exploring both how and why adults create and manage a best online identity

Saffron Townsend, 2018

Characteristics of Childrens Trauma Memory and Their Relationship with Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Rosie McGuire, 2018

Exploring the Relative Attractiveness of Autistic Characteristics and Autistic Activities Compared to an Attractive Online Dating Example

Daisie Rees-Evans, 2017


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