University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MRes Psychology

Exploring the Relative Attractiveness of Autistic Characteristics and Autistic Activities Compared to an Attractive Online Dating Example

Daisie Rees-Evans, 2017

Investigating Developmental Outcomes of Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Young Adults and Adolescents.

Rebecca Tomlin, 2016

Direct Current Stimulation to the Motor Cortex Does Not Affect Performance in Mental Rotation Tasks: Implications for Use in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Patients

Leigh Abbott, 2016

Altering Cognition: Insights into the effects of transcranial stimulation on social and non-social processes in the brain.

Matthew Lomas, 2015

Invisible hair: Womens constructions of female body hair removal practices within a post-feminist society

Hannah Buck, 2015

Development of a new Smartphone Addiction Scale: an investigation into smartphone activities and motivations as potential predictors of smartphone addiction.

Birgit Eli Margrethe Oye, 2015

A Correlational Analysis Exploring How Autistic and Schizotypal Phenotypes Influence Reasoning Processes

Marcus Lewton, 2013

The relationship between social behaviour and sensitivity to touch.

Milaana Jacob, 2012

Cognitive Bias Modification and its Ability to Improve Attention the Eyes in Individuals with High and Low Autism Traits

Julia Jones, 2012

How does the distance to an unhealthy food cue effect the outcome of habit, eating disorder propensity and saturated fat intake?

Anastassia Marks, 2012

Investigating the discursive association of pro-environmental behaviour and the relationship between humans and the natural world in the accounts of environmentalists

Daniel Thorman, 2012