Masters dissertations

MRes Social Policy

Have Covid-19 lockdowns had a significant impact on the prevalence of common mental disorders (CMDs)? A quantitative analysis and comparative exploration of post-Covid-19 lockdown effects on CMDs in the UK population.

Lily Mason, 2022

Health over thinness: Postfeminist sensibility, neoliberal entrepreneurialism and healthism discourse in mobile fitness applications for women

Ella Sangmyr, 2022

Navigating Health and Fitness Media to Protect and Pursue Health: A Comparative Mixed Methods Study of Weight-Centred and Weight-Neutral Adults in the Global North

Alexandra Gross, 2021

Discourse analysis of online information available to the public on what to do after someone dies and its applicability to home death care and DIY funerals.

Samantha Hooker, 2021

Three Worlds of Mental Health? An Exploratory Analysis of Mental Health Resources and Prevalence Through the Lens of Welfare Regimes Theory

Rhys Edmonds, 2020

The Motherhood Wage Penalty of Chinese Female Employees Working In the State System: An Empirical Study Using CFPS Data

Xiaojie Hou, 2020

Parents in Precarity - An In-depth Interview Study of 18 Early-Career Academic Parents Negotiating Precarity

Anja Toresen, 2018

Honestly, they saved my life An initial review of the Independent Domestic Advisor + role within Bath and North East Somerset as a new approach to working with victim-survivors of domestic violence with complex needs.

Hannah Jack, 2018

Feminist Mothering in a Third Wave Context

Emily Smith, 2017

Unexpected death in ill old age: A study of the ELSA End of Life Interviews dataset.

Diana Teggi, 2017

An Analysis of the Labour Market Impact of Foundation Modern Apprenticeships on Young People Between 1998 and 2007 using the Youth Cohort Study.

Joseph Crowley, 2017


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