Masters dissertations

MRes Sociology

Is UK Relationship and Sex Education LGBTQ+ Inclusive? A Critical Analysis of Primary Sex Education from the Houses of Parliament to the Classroom.

Leah Holmes, 2022

A waste of time or an effective way to manage wellbeing?: An exploratory study of virtual game environments impact on young adults relational wellbeing during UK Covid-19 lockdowns.

Jade Melissa Upright, 2022

Veganism: Exploring the factors perpetuating the facilitation and prevention of vegan transition.

David Yaacov-Hai, 2022

Stories of Sustained Environmental Activism. How Commitment to the Cause Changes Over the Long-term

Charlotte Dewhurst, 2021

Womens empowerment and the discrepancies between womens and mens ideal family size: A cross-country analysis of West Africa.

Lucy Holmes, 2021

Sexual Assault and Rape Victim-Survivors Understandings of Justice: Kaleidoscopic Justice in the Criminal Justice System and Support Services.

Rebecca Tarrant, 2021

Fighting Fire with Fire: A Discourse Analytical Approach to COVID-19 Public Health Disinformation

Michael Dalton, 2021

How the death of Sarah Everard sparked a conversation on female violence in the UK: To what extent can women place their trust in men?

Lucy Humphries, 2021

An Investigation into the Driving Factors of Youth Violence and Gang Related Behaviours in UK Urban Geographies

Luke Watkins, 2021

The role of the media in shaping symbolic group membership, belief and identity in online networks of British vegans

Jack Everest, 2021

An Evaluative study of Project CRUSH: Education, Young People, Healthy Relationships and Domestic Abuse

Sapphire Oriana Sweetland, 2020

Avocado toast over homeownership? Millennials perspectives on the ideology of homeownership

Harriet Longshaw, 2020

How are post degree socioeconomic outcomes influenced by pre degree socioeconomic factors

Stacey Hawkins, 2020

Understanding the Effect of Media on Public Opinion: New Evidence of Polarization from Twitter

Pierre Chadelle, 2018

"It's not that I don't believe you, but I don't believe he'd do that" An Exploration of the Responses of Friends, Families, and Partners of Victim-Survivors During the Aftermath of Sexual Assault and Rape.

Jade Bloomfield-Utting, 2018

Exploring the mechanisms of datafied discrimination in job advertising

Emilie Rabot, 2018

Exploring pharmaceutical company donations to rare disease patient organisations in the UK

Emily Rickard, 2018

Adolescent Higher Education Student Mental Health in Crisis? A Critical Neoliberal Ethnographic Study of the Effects of the 2018 University and College Union Strike Action on Mental Health at The University of Bath

Conor O'Sullivan, 2018

Are there societal moral codes, and if so are they capable of helping us identify acceptable codes for morally capable robots to use?

Joshua Sykes-Abreu, 2017


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