Masters dissertations

MSc Accounting and Finance

How Oil Prices Affect the Macroeconomy

Lokukankanamge Peiris, 2021

How Oil Prices Affect the Macroeconomy

Lokukankanamge Peiris, 2021

The relationship between R&D investment and firm performance: Evidence from Chinese A-listed firms

Kangding Wang, 2021

The Six Financial Determinants of Corporate Cash Holdings: Firm Size, Cash Flow, Liquidity, Leverage, Dividends Payout and Research and Development Expenditures

Qingkun Zhu, 2021

Board Characteristics and Carbon Information Disclosure: The Case of China's Heavy Pollution Industry

Jinghan Xu, 2021

The impact of board gender diversity on the entity performance outcomes in Thailand

Thamonwan Mecasuwandamrong, 2021

Human capital and shareholder value creation

Pisit Akarasettakarn, 2021

An investigation of the asset classification of cryptocurrencies

Julius Jutte, 2021

Human Capital as a signal for ICO

Lou-Henri Scraire-Gingras, 2020

The value relevance of R&D expenditures in the pre- and post-IFRS periods: Evidence from Germany

Dang Khoa Do, 2020

Human Capital as a signal for ICO

Lou-Henri Scraire-Gingras, 2020

The relationship between managerial ownership and firm performance:Evidence from Chinese A-listed firms

Chengsi Gu, 2020

The relationship between Financial statement analysis and stock excess return: Evidence from the Vietnamese firms

Chuxuan Wang, 2020

The value relevance of R&D expenditures in the pre- and post-IFRS periods: Evidence from Germany

Dang Do Koah, 2020

The design and implementation of the Balanced Scorecard in Chinese healthcare institutions

Fangyu Zhang, 2020

Empirical Study on Contributions from Corporate Growth to Selections of SMEs' Financing Modes in SME and ChiNext Board

Fengjiao Chen, 2020

The Relationship between Earnings Management and Investment Efficiency: An Empirical Study from Listed Companies in China

Hanfei Chen, 2020

The Impact of State Ownership and Internationalization of Board on Earnings Management: the Special Case of China

Hequn Shen, 2020

Earnings Management in IPOs and its effect on long-term firm performance: an empirical analysis of US firms

Jia Yi Cai, 2020

Analysis of the spillover effect of Chinese Concept Stocks based on the Luckin Coffee incident

Jingkun Huang, 2020

"Capital Structure, Performance and the Moderation Role of Corporate Governance: Evidence from China"

Jingyi Zhou, 2020

Impact of board structure on IPO Underpricing: Evidence from China Growth Enterprise Market

Lei Yu, 2020

The Impact of Economic Policy Uncertainty on Mergers and Acquisitions: Evidence from China

Li Ding, 2020


Yang Liying, 2020

Discussing How Risk Management Approach Could Support and be Beneficial for the E-commerce in China

Mingxi Lyu, 2020

The relationship between and earnings management and executive compensation

Minrui Huang, 2020

Mutual Funds

Nikunj Agarwal, 2020

Capital Structure and Corporate Profitability: Empirical study of United States

Rui Sun, 2020

Research on the impact of internal control and external audit on real earning management: Empirical Evidence from the Chinese manufacturing industry

Shengya Du, 2020

CEOs' awards and IPO underpricing

Shuyuan Zhao, 2020

The level of Financial Disclosure and Company characteristics

Suchanad Pruksanusak, 2020

Impact of Financial Leverage on Firm Performances: Evidence from Malaysia

Tian Jiun Ho, 2020

The influence of intellectual capital on market value and financial performance: An empirical study on UK firms

Weiyu Gao, 2020

Academic directors and their contributions to corporate social responsibility (CSR): Evidence from China

Xiaoxing Li, 2020

The relationship between CSR and financial performance: Based on the micro sample of beverage industry and food industry

Xin Peng, 2020


Xingyu Liu, 2020


Yingxian Wei, 2020

Empirical research on the influence of interest rate policy on bank performance: Evidence from UK and China

Yingyan Zhong, 2020

The impact of audit partner specialisation on audit quality: Evidence from U.K.

Yixuan Li, 2020

The Correlation between Stock Price Crash Risk and Capital Structure: Evidence from A-share Listed Companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

Yujia Hao, 2020

The Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance - Take Chinese listed companies of the aluminum industry as example

Yunjia Ou, 2020

Balance sheet structure and firm performance-a review of retail companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange during 2014-2019

Yupian Liu, 2020

Implementing Proper Marketing Strategies Based on Product Life Cycle in the Smartphone Industry in the Internet Era: Case Study of Xiaomi

Yuxuan Zheng, 2020

An Empirical Study on the Impact of Executive Compensation on Enterprise Innovation

Zhe Wang, 2020


Zhi Chen, 2020

The Roles of Common Auditors Playing in M&A Transactions: Evidence from Chinese Listed Firms in A Share

Zhitong Zeng, 2020

Empirical study on relationship between Characteristics of Independent Directors and Over Investment of Chinese Listed Enterprises

Zihan Jiang, 2020

The relationship between CSR and financial performance - Evidence from Chinese market

Zihui Mo, 2020

How financial reporting quality affects dividend policy in the UK

Liying Yang, 2020

The Impact of Management Incentives on Real Transactions Management and Accruals Management

Xiaojie Jia, 2019

Financial Expertise of CFO and Audit Fee Pricing: Evidence from the Chinese A-share Market


"The relationship between capitalized R&D, patent and firm value - Evidence from the Chinese market"

Yi Wang, 2019

Corporate Political Strategies and IPO Performance

Filippos Gousis, 2019

The implication of independent directors on firm performance - Evidence from Chinese listed firms


Trade-off between Earnings Management Alternatives: Empirical Study on Chinese Companies from Five Industries

Bingqing Wang, 2019

Comparison of Dynamic Immunisation under the BDT Model and Duration-Matching Strategy

Yun Wang, 2019

The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on Firm Performance: A Case Study of Tesco

Wenjing Hu, 2019

The effect of corporate governance quality on audit quality: Evidence from China

Yuyang Sheng, 2019

Financial Statement Analysis and Direct Method of Stock Valuation: Evidence from China's Real Estate Listed Firms

Miao He, 2019

The Relationship Between Firm Characteristics And Corporate Social Performance: Evidence From Chinese Listed Companies

Linwei He, 2019

The Effect of Institutional Ownership on Financial Reporting Quality: Evidence from China

Jun Xiao, 2019

Mediating effect of capital structure on the relationship between executive compensation and firm performance: Evidence from Chinese manufacturing sector

Qirui Hu, 2019

The effect of internal control audit on the financial statements audit-an Empirical Research on Chinese Stock Market

Xiaowen Zhang, 2019

"Financial reporting quality, debt maturity and investment efficiency - Evidence from Chinese listed firms"

Mingxi Yu, 2019

Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions: the influences on the performance of Chinese listed firms

Xiaotong Zhuang, 2019

The relationship between credit rating dispersion and IPOs

Yichen Fu, 2019


Huyen Nguyen, 2019

Determinants of IPO Underpricing based on the Policy of New Shares' Price Limit on the First Day of Listing - An Empirical Study based on China Growth Enterprise Market

Meiyi Liu, 2019

Do Credit Ratings Affect the Premium Decisions in Mergers and Acquisitions? An Empirical Study with Evidence from China

Zilu Guo, 2019

The role of CFOs around Initial Public Offerings

Sonaxi Sehgal, 2019

Research on the Influence Factors and Countermeasures of Earnings Management - Empirical Analysis Based on Chinese Listed Companies.

Yijia Huang, 2019


Wenxian Chen, 2018

Empirical study on the promoting effect of relative size on M&A return using data of China?

Xin Chen, 2018

Informational Efficiency in Cryptocurrency market

Zhexin Chen, 2018

The characteristics study of Japanese zombie firm during the economy recovery period from 2010 to 2017, based on logit model

Zhi Fang, 2018

Capital structure and Firm performance of China’s real estate listed companies

Ying Fu, 2018

Implementing and calibrating an optimising model of the active portfolio management----An experimental application to the UK stock market

Hongyou Guo, 2018

Capital structure and market power interaction: Comparison between Chinese and UK companies

Jiawen Hua, 2018

Influence factors of cash dividend payout policy: Evidence from China’s listed companies in the growth enterprise market

Tong Jin, 2018

Capital structure and corporate performance: Evidence from the firms listed in the Chinese market

Xiaoyang Li, 2018

The relationship between institutional shareholding and dividend policy: Evidence from Chinese listed firms

Xueting Li, 2018

Stock market reaction to dividend announcement

Ying Li, 2018


Nan Liang, 2018

Underwriter reputation, investor sentiment and IPO underpricing -Factors based on Chinese market

Hui Liu, 2018

The Effect of the Dodd-Frank Act on Earnings Management in Banks

Xiaowen Liu, 2018

An Empirical Study on the Impact of Board Composition on Firm Performance: Evidence from UK

Xuefei Ma, 2018

Ownership structure and firm performance measured by EVA: Evidence from Chinese listed firms

Yuzhu Nan, 2018

The performance of value-investment strategy based on single financial ratios - Evidence from Chinese stock market

Shan Shao, 2018

The Influence of the Ownership Nature on Chinese Companies’ Investment Level in the Financial Crisis

Haoran Wang, 2018

The influence of EVA in conducting value investment strategy in Shanghai A-share Market

Shuyao Wang, 2018

The Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Risk -Empirical Study on US Companies

Xiaowen Wang, 2018

The Impact of Capital Structure choices on Performance of Firms - Evidence from Chinese manufacturing industry

Danyang Xin, 2018

Comparison of Different Valuation Methods Including Value Investing Method

Jiajing Zhai, 2018

Impact of tax avoidance on accounting comparability

Jintao Zhang, 2018

Impacts of Capital Structure on Firm Performance: An Empirical Study Based on Main Board and GEM Listed Companies in China

Mengyao Zhang, 2018

An Empirical Study of Optimization Portfolio Construction Based on Mean-variance theory

Xiaohang Zhang, 2018

Capital Structure and Firm Performance - - Static and dynamic analysis in China Growth Enterprises Market

Qianqian Zhou, 2018

Overvaluation and earnings management choices

Yu Zhang, 2017

Designing a performance measurement for the Chinese real estate company using the balanced scorecard - A case study of the Guangxi Ronghe Group Co Ltd

Xiaoyi Liang, 2017

Government ownership and mergers and acquisitions: a case of China

Chenghan Zhou, 2017

Earnings management by stock-to-stock acquirers in UK market

Yi Wu, 2017

Performance management of compulsory secondary school teachers in China: A Balanced Scorecard approach

Yijia Lu, 2017

The competitive assurance market: How country-level factors influence the choice of corporate social responsibility (CSR) assurance provider

Ziwei Chen, 2017

An Empirical Study on the Influence of Age and Gender of CEOs on Earnings Quality: Evidence from China

Lufang Xu, 2017

The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Earnings Management

Yunfan Xin, 2017

Discretionary Accruals and Informational Efficiency Empirical Evidence from A-share in Shanghai Stock Exchange

Yaping Hu, 2017

Financial Reporting Quality and Informational Efficiency

Chen Xu, 2017

The linkage between AEM approach and value investing criteria when providing investment suggestions

Qian Chen, 2017

The Effect of New Delisting Rules for Growth Enterprise Market on Accrual-based and Real Earnings Management in China

Yue Zhou, 2017

The Influence of Third-party Assurance on the Quality of CSR Reports: Evidence from China

Qi Shao, 2017

The determinants of IPO underpricing of Chi Next - Based on primary and secondary market

Wenshuo Cui, 2017

Applying BSC and EVA to Develop the Performance Measure System in Chine Construction Bank (CCB)

Xiang Ren, 2017

The relationship between audit quality and real earnings management in the Chinese food manufacturing industry

Qiaomeng Hu, 2017

Bond Portfolio Immunisation under Higher-Order Duration: Implication for Strategies Effectiveness and Portfolio Structure

Qinyi Gan, 2017

The influence of the legitimation factors on the credibility of CSR reports in China

Qiuran Yan, 2017

Empirical tests of negative relationship between Real Activities Manipulation and Accrual-based Earnings Management in 6 sectors

Sijia Luo, 2017

Accrual-Based Earnings Management in the Pre- and Post-Turnbull Report Periods: Integrated Analysis of the Original Report and the Other Two Revised Versions

Shiqi Wang, 2017

The Influence of the Tax Incentive Policies on Technological Innovation of Enterprises in China

Jie Ma, 2017

The empirical research of tax avoidance and corporate social responsibility

Danni Zhang, 2017

The Impact of Culture Variances between Different Countries on the Role of Management Accountant: International Survey Evidence

Jie Huang, 2017

The Impact of the Privatization on Earnings Management: The Case of China

Xiaoshuang Hu, 2017

Research of relationship among environmental information disclosure, environmental performance and financial performance in petroleum industry

Qing Xu, 2017

Analysis of factors affecting attractiveness of Venture Capital and Private Equity

Linghui Wang, 2017

Chinese students' decision-making process on studying abroad What is special for Accounting and Finance students?

Nan Xiao, 2017


Ziguang Zhao, 2017

Earnings management in Chinese IPO firms: From the perspective of IPO underpricing and audit size

Yajie Zhou, 2017

Jet Fuel Hedging, Capital Expenditure and Stock Returns: A Case Study

Meng Gao, 2017

Study on the Influences of Deleverage Policy - Based on Chinese Listed Commercial Banks

Shuyi Guo, 2017

The impacts of macroeconomic factors on the mergers and acquisitions: Evidence from the China

Hua Ni, 2017


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