Masters dissertations

MSc Applied Psychology and Economic Behaviour

Effects of Scarcity on Working Memory Capacity.

Aldeen Ahamed, 2022

The Purchase of Vegetarian Foods: Intrinsic Motivation, Social Image Concerns, and Self-Esteem

Wenjing Yu, 2022

Exploring Gender Bias, Inverse Rebound Effects, and Paradigm Shifts in Individual Hidden Profile Decision-Making

Lucas Mueller, 2022

Ethical Investing as a function of Investor Awareness, Perceptions, Demographics, and Characteristics

Sally Goillon, 2022

Procrastination, Overconfidence, Motivation and the Interaction Between Them

Florence Sutcliffe, 2022

Politics and Perceptions of the UK Governments Handling of COVID-19

Olivia Myatt, 2021

Rules, Regulations and Pro-Social Behaviour: Do external rules impact other regarding preferences?

Philip Wickens, 2021

Appreciating Adaptation: Will Correcting Mispredictions in Affective Forecasting Boost Environmental Policy Support?

Helen Doran, 2021

Heuristics and Football Statistics: How does information effect the accuracy and confidence of football predictions?

Michael Burgess, 2021

Affecting Preferences: The Effect of Changing Product Attributes and Prototype Comparisons on Consumers Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Products

Teresa Koch, 2021

The effects of gender stereotypical tasks on optimal decision making under competition in childhood

Laura Vega Pedraza, 2021

Using Simulations to Optimise Task Design for Parameter Identification in Associative Learning Models

Benjamin Perrin, 2021

The Utilisation of a Carbon Footprint Calculator as a Green Nudge

Katherine Sexton, 2021

The effects of Individualism-Collectivism on Intertemporal Decision Making and related psychological mechanisms

Yaru Wu, 2021

The Empirical Research Carried Out in The Social Sciences: Veracity, Problems and Solutions.

Daniel Naranjo Rendon, 2020

Individual Use of the Wisdom of Crowds

Celine Dalloz, 2020

Helping now or later: The effect of psychological distance and construal-level compatibility on charity advert persuasiveness and willingness to donate.

Emma Tyrrell, 2020

A review on the moral licensing effect

Gina Nwose, 2020

Smart Grid, Smart Economics- An Application of Social Norms applied using Behavioural Game Theory within Energy Markets

Charles Edwards, 2020

The Role of Incentives for Behavioural Ethics

Thomas Christopher Antony Rider, 2020

The Effect of Preferences on the Choice for Algorithm Advice

Isabel Heltemes, 2020

Effects of scarcity bias on online customer journeys

Supara Supornpun, 2020

TRUST In Behavioural Science: An Ethical Framework for the Application of Behavioural Science in the Private Sector

Olivia Pattison, 2020

The Influence of Communication Framing on Effectiveness of Gamification Creativity Training

Martyna Kmiecik, 2020

Does Regulation Improve Conduct (Behaviour) Within Financial Services

Samantha Ross, 2020


Gabriela Gross, 2019

Examining the effects of transparency and trust in decision making with defaults

Clare Renshaw, 2019

Attribute Framing: A Literature Review of Effective Debiasing Strategies

Samuel Lewis, 2019


Dongbin Xiong, 2019

Contingent Incentives in Experiments within Psychology and Economics: A brief guide to avoiding the pitfalls of paying too much or too little

Gwilym Renouf, 2019

Curiosity in decision making

Xiaoyun Jing, 2019

An Exploration of Demographic Differences in Ranking Risks Associated With Brexit

Nina Grassmann, 2019

Understanding the effects of mindfulness on the sunk cost bias

Anirudh Jegannathan, 2019

Nudging as a Tool for Combatting Misbeliefs

Robert Nicholson, 2019


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