University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Conservation of Historic Gardens and Cultural Landscapes

Reavealing the Significance of the Gardens in Small Manors in Belarus

Yana Marchuk, 2015

The Significance of East Grove Temple in Lushan National Park and How To Interpret It

Li Kuang, 2015

Nymania: the interrelationship between Head Gardener and garden owner

Mark Lamey, 2015

Conserving and Protecting the Historic Gardens and Landscapes of New Zealand

Matthias Spall, 2015

The Urban Villa Landscape: Is 'Registering' them necessary for their survival?

Simon Gulliver, 2015

Historic Kitchen Gardens At Risk

Gabriela Contreras Polanco, 2015

Living Landscape - A Study Concering the Setting of Historic Urban Landscapes for Better Rural and Regional Management

Maiko Ishida, 2015

National Trust Conservation Principles: Can they be applied to the Classical Gardens of Suzhou, China?

Danqing Zhao, 2015

The Gardens of Francis Inigo Thomas (1866-1950)

Gareth Edwards, 2015

Partnership Approaches to Conserving Cultural Landscapes:Are they contributing to partner success?

Jeffrey Freeman, 2014

Unloved Landscapes

Wendy Tippett, 2014

Layers of Significance: case studies in the evolution of historic gardens in relation to an assessment of the criteria for their inclusion on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England and provision for their protec

Anna Dorothea Hughes, 2014

Storm in a Teacup: Impacts of climate change adaptation strategies on design intention of historic gardens

Audrey Inga Gerber, 2013

Hartwell House and Apafi Manor: Conservation through Conversion

Smaranda Comanescu, 2013

Standing the test of Time?

Sylvia Collier, 2013


Marguerita Hoffnung, 2013

Landscaping the brilliant flowering shrub. A missing chapter in British modern garden historiography.

Sarah Dickinson, 2013