University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Economics

Strategic Mass Killings

Oishi Ghosh, 2017

Income, consumption and leisure inequality

Lin Chen, 2017

How US Monetary Policy and QE Affects Global Domestic and Dollar Denominated Debt Levels

Benjamin Royal Huddleston Smith, 2017


Frieda Ndeapo Katenda, 2017

Estimation of a sign-restricted Bayesian SVAR model for inflation, output and interest rates in the UK using a measure of the shadow policy rate.

James Hales, 2017

Intergenerational Mobility and Inequality:What Can We Learn?

Jing Cheng, 2016

Testing the Effectiveness of Foreign Exchange Rate Intervention in South-east Asia

Shiyang Lyu, 2016

Why aren't developing countries catching up by adopting world leading technology?

Florence Kingett, 2016

The macroeconomic impacts of unconventional monetary policy in the United States

Peng Du, 2016

Capital flows to EMEs amid the U.S. monetary policy normalization; an implication for central banks policy

Teerapap Pangsapa, 2016

The Effects of Religion on Human Capital Investment-A Cross-Country Pane Data Study-

Yoshihiro Ikeda, 2015

Detecting and time stamping bubbles in the UK housing market using the SADf & GSADF methods.

Aneisha Beveridge, 2015

The economic performance of countries and multilateral environmental cooperation.

Micael Saillen, 2015

Oil Prices Shocks and Macroeconomic Activity in a VECM for G-7 countries

Hongdou Li, 2015

Corruption and lobbying of interest groups as determinants of multilateral environmental agreement membership

Martin Kolda, 2014

The Study of the Causal Relationship between Environment,Economic Growth, FDI, Urbanization and Population Structure:Panel Analysis for the G-20 Economies

Yingran Wu, 2014

An Experimental Study on Bidding Behaviors

Jun He, 2014

The Relationship between Government Expenditure and Economic Growth in the Multivariate VECM and VAR Models - Evidence from China

Hua Li, 2014

Corruption and the Shadow Economy: empirical analysis about the casual relationships between them

Yiqi Liu, 2014

Modifications to Model Limited Attention and Income Distribution

Xiaoyu Guo, 2014

Happiness and the Components of Pay

David Buckby, 2014

UK Youth Employment in Economic Recessions

Man Yan Flora Ho, 2014

Testing for Ricardian Equivalence:An Analysis of Budget Deficits and Economic Growth

Yulong Mao, 2013

The Hotelling Rule: is it Valid?

Morui Zhu, 2013