University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Engineering Design

SPARK Assessment Metrics Refining and Applying Metrics for the Testing of the SPARK Platform

Lorenzo Giunta, 2017

Formula Student Lap Time Simulator: Implementation of Four Wheel Model

Cory Dante George, 2017

Optical Device for 5-Axis Machine Tool Calibration with Ballbar

Yizhong Luan, 2017

A study of bio-inspired mechanism with modelling processes

Mengmeng Ye, 2016

Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of Polymers

Thomas McLaughlin, 2016

Feasibility of improving the efficiency of ahydrogen economy system to increase the reliability of sustainable energy sources

Sebastian Knebel, 2015

Design an efficient mechanism for propulsion system

Danyu Chen, 2015

Light-weight Robot Carbon fibre wheel and brushless motor system

Tian Zhao, 2015

Novel Piezoelectric Cooling Array

Antoni Pakowski, 2014

3D Motions: Examples and Design Requirements

Meinardo Garza Martinez, 2014

Development of a finite element model for the tibial component of revision total knee replacement

Benjamin Rastetter, 2014

Filling of n-sided surface regions

Kripa Sindhav, 2014

Investigating Torsional Stability of Femoral Fracture Fixation Devices

Jan Gosiewski, 2013

Modelling and Characterization of the Dynamics of Bistable Laminates for Energy Harvesting

Peter Joshua Harris, 2013

Validation and Verification in Engineering Design A Study focused on Requirements Management

Bhavin Kishore Shah, 2013

Design and Development of a Medical Device to Improve the Assembly of Head/Neck Taper Junctions in Modular Total Hip Replacements

Robin Maguire, 2013

Fatigue Testing of Thick Composite Laminates

Ji Han, 2013