University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Entrepreneurship and Management

An Alternative Method in Improving Sports Participation: An Entrepreneurial Journey to Construct the Business Model for Sporting Virtual Community

Liangsoonthornsit Chawanwit, 2016

The Pursuit of an Innovative Method of Trust with Travelers: An Entrepreneur's Journey into a Web-Based Startup

Richter Danielle, 2016

Access to informal venture capital for student entrepreneurs using a networking approach: The evolvement from initial idea conception to business model formation.

Liu Doreen, 2016

Hybrid Entrepreneur to Part Time Intrapreneur - Solving the Opportunity Cost Dilemma. 'Limbo's' Business Model Journey

Tailor Himalee, 2016

Outdoor Experiential Education in Zibo: The process of developing business model

Sun Jingmin, 2016

Creating a Music for Media Company: An Investigation in to the Stability of the UK Jingle Market

Adkins Katherine, 2016

Initiating the backward vertical integration of a family venture

Tona Kristina, 2016

Transmart: An innovative Perspective to the Indian Trucking Industry. The development of an idea into a Business Model

Agarwal Madhav, 2016

Exploiting the gap in the Prague estate jewellery market: Development of a new retail store concept

Cinolter Matej, 2016

The development of Friends Matcher's business model - a mobile app providing a platform for broadening social network

Cheng Mingyu, 2016

Introducing the high-end condominium project "CENNET Riverside" The development of an initial idea into a business model

Vanakul Nijjira, 2016

Helping Firms Grow Through the Design of an SMEs' Accelerator: the Learning Journey from the Idea to the Business Model

Frigerio Paola, 2016

Establishing rural tourism company as social entrepreneurship in Rongxian: The development of an initial idea into a business model

Zhu Peimin, 2016

FOUND The establishment of a media community for entrepreneurs

Kania Teresa, 2016

Introducing natural and organic beauty brand from the Czech Republic to Thai skin care market: The development of initial idea into a business model.

Sothonchai Thanitha, 2016

Helping Sapa to raise its awareness among travelers: The development of an initial idea into a business model

Giangova Trang, 2016

An Entrepreneurial Effort to Adopt 'Sustainable Construction' in a Family-Run Construction Business: Decision-Making

Agarwal Vipul, 2016

Matcha Cafe: The development of a proposed business idea and its viability in the business model

Thawornwasu Witchayaporn, 2016

The Silver Time - an ideal solution for British older people who live alone to pursue health and independent living: The development of an initial idea into a business Model

Wen Yinan, 2016

Topic and Story Theme Teahouse: The report research and development from business idea to business model

Huang Yiwen, 2016