University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Human Resource Management and Consulting

How does Chinese graduates' learning experience in the UK influence their career choice upon their return?

Bijun Wang, 2017

Emotional Labor and Transformational Leadership in Chinese Health Professions

Chen Li, 2017

Smart Grid Technology: Factors Influencing Users' Acceptance in Jordan

Cheng Cai, 2017

A systematic review on the causes and antecedents of employee turnover in the hotel industry : an evidence-based perspective.

Efthymia Kelesidou, 2017

To what extent are NHS leadership development programmes effective at facilitating positive organisational outcomes? An evidence-based perspective

Eleanor Mccarthy, 2017

An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of psychological contracts held by full-time, British hospitality employees in the context of pre-Brexit Britain

Georgia Thompson, 2017

A systematic literature review: What are the drivers of organisational commitment among knowledge workers, and what is the impact on turnover intentions

Himmani Nath, 2017

A research on exploring how does culture moderates the relationship between transformational leadership and knowledge sharing behaviour

Hoi Leung, 2017

How does transformational leadership increase employees' work engagement: an exploration on the mediating role of meaning in work

Jirapa Siripurikarn, 2017

A systematic review of the relationship between organizational learning capability and organizational performance in SMEs: an evidence-based perspective

Li Wang, 2017

The impact of employer branding and CSR activities on organizational attractiveness in Greece

Maria Roumpou, 2017

Flying solo? Organisational Change Leadership

Molly Robinson, 2017

An investigation of the effects of emotions on the consulting process; a cross-cultural comparison of PwC consultants in the UAE and the UK.

Muhib Khayyat, 2017

A systematic review of the contribution of knowledge management and its relationship with organisational performance in consulting firms: an evidence based perspective

Nikolas Volos, 2017

The Relationship between Mood and Judgemental Bias in Interview

Qinglan Yang, 2017

Millennials' perception on the importance of work life balance within the financial sector: a qualitative study

Ridaa Shah, 2017

The role of Perceived Organisational Support and its consequences in Chinese manufacturing industry

Shuting Zhao, 2017

The relationship between Talent Management, Organisational Change Management and Leadership in an increasingly complex and dynamic world: A systematic review

Stefanos Moustakas, 2017

A systematic review of what is the relationship between training and development and its impact on employees' performance

Tamara Zurita Escobar, 2017

The Impact Mechanism of Knowledge Workers' Organisational Commitment on Turnover Intention in Early Career Stage: The Moderating Role of Career Resilience

Wentian Cao, 2017

A systematic review about the influence of Social media on employee-selection-related decision making based on Facebook assessment

Xinxin Huang, 2017

The Effect of Job Satisfaction on Employee Turnover Intention in Chinese State-owned Banks: the Case of Manzhouli Branch of Agriculture Bank of China

Yan Lu, 2017

The role of negative emotions in cross-departmental negotiation: a case study of a legal compliance department within a medium-sized fund company in China

Yilin Li, 2017

A systematic literature review: How do human resource practices influence the employees' creativity in the workplace?

Yuan Wang, 2017

How contract types moderate the relationship between psychological contract fulfilment and work-related attitudes and behaviours in small and medium-sized Service Industry in China?

Zhengzheng Yu, 2017

Job Promotion and Personality: Exploring Gender as a Moderator

Qiang Shi, 2016

A systematic literature review: How can human resource practices facilitate the knowledge sharing?

Yishu Wang, 2016

A Social Exchange Theory Framework for Analyzing the Relationship between Idiosyncratic Deals and Employee Outcomes

Jue Sheng, 2016

Future consultants' view on emotional dynamics and the tolerance of ambiguity

Xiaoou Liu, 2016

How individual's perceived task interdependence moderates the relationship between trust in coworker and employee turnover intention in zero-hour contracts?

Wai Ting Chu, 2016

"Understanding the values and behaviors of Generation Y to improve recruitment and retention in Guangdong, China"

Minxin Li, 2016

"The Relationships among Work Locus of Control, Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention: A Case Study of Chinese Millennials"

Jiaxing Hao, 2016

What are the factors influencing work stress in the consulting industry in China and how has this changed over time? -An exploratory study of the consulting industry in Beijing

Qifan Zhang, 2016

"An understanding of the impact of trustworthy leadership on knowledge sharing foci - A case study on a medium-sized local law firm in Guangzhou, China"

Yi Lu, 2016

Recruiters' perception and usage of intuition in Chinese Advertisement Industry

Siyu Huo, 2016

The Link between Perceived HR Practices and Job Performance: Investigating a municipal civil service sector in North-Western China

Xinrui Ma, 2016

An Investigation Of Why Emotions Matter In Consulting Process And Outcomes: A Case Study Of Huawei Technologies.

Jie Ji, 2016

The Relationship between High-Performance Work System and Job Satisfaction: A Systematic Literature Review

Ruiyun Zhang, 2016

A Qualitative Study of HR Devolution at Bath Council

Julie Holt, 2016

From perceived fairness of i-deals' perspective: How to maximize the benefits of i-deals in Chinese companies

Huiyu Guo, 2016

Crisis in Greece: How best to motivate employees

Vassiliki Couvaras, 2016

The research about the moderating effect of organizational justice on the relationship between job insecurity and affective commitment - base on Guangdong province

Hao Li, 2016

New Employees' Perception on Organizational Support for Learning: A Qualitative Study in the Chinese Banking Sector

Luyao Lin, 2016


Melissa Treen, 2016

A Critical Evaluation of Employee Engagement in IFGL Refractories Limited: A Case Study Analysis

Vidushi Jain, 2016

The Employee Retention Strategies at an IT company in India: A qualitative study of the employee's perceptions and the perceptions of the Human Resources department

Viera Pudumjee, 2016

A comparative study: extrinsic versus intrinsic incentives and their influence on organizational citizenship behavior at Jaipur National University.

Akansha Bakshi, 2013

Examining the factors contributing to the decision to outsource and the continuation of contracted services in the human resource outsourcing practices in Taiwan

Chia-Ling Chen, 2013

Management Consultant: Are They Professionals - A Comparative Study Between Italy and UK

Cassanelli Davide, 2013

A systematic review of the causes of engagement and its relationship with performance: an evidence-based perspective

Dzi Nam Eric Yung, 2013

A study of the influence that formal and informal networks have on the development of the regional cluster called the 'Norwegian Centre of Expertise - Maritime'

Erika Fladmark Pedersen, 2013

The Impact of Job Enrichment on Employee Job Satisfaction: the case of the JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou

Ge Chen, 2013

Breaking into the Boardroom A study of women on the boards of the smaller FTSE 350 companies

Laura Murphy, 2013

Ideal Competency Requirements for Enhancing More Effective Job Performance of Thai University Professors

Monthakant Rodklai, 2013

To what extent do organisational internal and external corporate social responsibility influence employees' affective commitment? A case study of Sainsbury's

Rositsa Kondaklieva, 2013

"This dissertation looks into an increasingly popular investment strategy: Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). It is an approach to investing that takes into account ethical, social and environmental concerns, besides financial ones, and one that has en

Shazana Misran, 2013

A study on Exit Interviews and the extent to which they provide valid and reliable data for behavioural changes in the Organisation

Sonali Bharat Gokal, 2013