University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc International Construction Management

Canadian Women in the Construction Industry as leaders of the future in global citizenship, a futuristic approach for the 21st century women student

Daniela Aldea, 2017

Human Resource Management in the Construction Industry: An Assessment of Human Resource Management Strategies Adapted by Construction Firms in South Sudan

James Ohurey Alam, 2017

An Assessment on factors causing delay and their effects in road construction projects in Tanzania

Dotto Chacha John, 2017

Utilisation of the Toyota Production System within Construction

Chris Williams, 2017

Value in Construction: Do Clients Get What They Pay For in Western Canadian Construction

Douglas Grant, 2016

Creativity and the Construction Project Manager: An Exploratory Study

Simon Davies, 2016

Construction Procurement and Project Performance: A case for the use of Alternative Construction Procurement Methods in the Zambian Construction Industry

Chitambeya Mukwangole, 2014

The effect on employees working in the Local Authority Engineering Services sector due to Compulsory Transferunder the TUPE Regulations

Thomas Eaton, 2013

An investigation into Corporate Social Responsibility within the Canadian construction industry, specifically Alberta: A cross sector comparison of what firms are doing and how to trigger more implementation.

Bradley Pratt, 2013

Climate Change an evaluation of the key drivers influencing construction practitioners to promote climate conscious adaptation of the built environment.

Peter Stewart Whitehouse, 2013