Masters dissertations

MSc International Development, Social Justice and Sustainability

A Better, Greener Britain? A mixed methods case study of the UK Department for Transports cycling imaginaries before and after the publication of the Transport Decarbonisation Plan

Charlotte Ridley-Rundle, 2022

Are climate adaptative activities fair and socially just?: Missing perspectives in financial inclusion for African smallholder farmers to adapt to climate change

Risa Murakami, 2022

Alliance for African Women Initiative Practicum Report

Kayla Fillipovich, 2022

Does the presence of women volunteers from the Global North affect postcolonial power relations in local Ghanaian NGOs?

Isla Leckie, 2022

Has Development Truly Empowered Women? The Impossible Relationship Between Radical Feminist Discourse, Neoliberalism and Development

Molly Frogson, 2022

Working at Thrive CIC: Practical Insights into the Realm of Gender and Development

Ruby Brooks, 2021

Dream Big Ghana Foundation Practicum Report

Dominic Bride, 2021

Practicum Report: Decolonial and Intersectional Feminist Perspectives on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM)

Rosa Brunskill, 2021

Practicum Report - Steel Warriors

Ethan Edwards, 2021

OLDFIELD, Emily_MID_Dissertation_2020-2021

Emily Oldfield, 2021

Will development organisations working systemically really enable us to solve wicked development problems in relation to food and agricultural sustainability?

Alice Lewthwaite, 2021

Making Sexual Education and Health for inclusive: Operationalizing a sex/pleasure-positive approach

Gavin Sunderland, 2020

Social inequalities and sustainability transition an insight over BAME communities in the UK

Damiano Sguotti, 2020

Territorial Implementation of the 2030 Agenda: The Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa

Natale Seron Arizmendi, 2020

Practicum report

Gemma Collier, 2019

A portfolio presenting the practicum experience at The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF)

Mina Bokharee, 2019

Community participation approaches to governance for sustainable tourism development.

Jesse Llewellyn, 2019

Report based on practicum experience with African Initiatives

Charlotte Green, 2019

Pakistani and British-Pakistani Women as Victims of Forced Marriages in the UK An Analysis of Criminalisation Law, Multiculturalism and Civil Society Organisations

Zoha Minal Imran, 2019

Global Social Movements (GSMs): Assessing Fairtrade's Ability to Democratise Global Trade Governance

Lauren Rose Meyers, 2019


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