Masters dissertations

MSc International Development with Conflict and Humanitarian Action

After Sexual Violence: A Case Study of Gorom Refugee Settlement

Aimee Kenyi, 2022

Practicum Report - Safety of Strangers

Sean Mcgovern, 2022

International Development and the Synthetic Drug Trade: Dissecting the Global Dynamics of the United States Opioid Epidemic

Molly Schofield, 2022

Does Conflict Lead to Gender Equality? A Comparative Analysis of the Roles Woman Play During and After Conflict

Jade Day, 2022

Girls' Education in sub-Saharan Africa: Can Gender Parity be Achieved?

Emma Ridley, 2022

A Historical Approach to the Impact of Multidimensional Poverty on Children in Ghana

Hala Mobaydeen, 2022

MENASP: Advancing social policy research and scholarship in MENA

Mohammed Bashein, 2022

To What Extent is the Role of Microfinance helping the Empowerment of Women in Ghana?

Siobhan Wainwright, 2022

Top Down or Bottom Up? To What Extent Are Local and International Contributions to Rural Sanitation Projects Effective in Meeting SDG Targets By 2030?

Amy Whittle, 2022

Ghana Beyond Aid?: Framing the Aid Debate in the context of 21st century Ghana and the impact on its socio-economic outlook

Kwabena Abaka Debrah, 2021

Practicum Report - A reflection on the operations and marketing of child sponsorship and its role at EdUKaid

Kate Oubridge-Egan, 2021

Decolonising education: a critical analysis of the formal education system and its effectiveness in poverty alleviation and achieving sustainable development in Sub-Saharan African countries.

Lara Cruz, 2021

Humanitarianism's shift towards post-interventionism: vulnerability, participation and accountability

Sean Joshua Dunnett, 2021

The links between sexual health and education: An analysis of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Tanzania

Tristan Horton, 2021

MSc International Development Practicum Report

Benjamin Cook, 2021

Practicum Report

Tamara Ozdeniz, 2021

The Representation of Migrants and Refugees in UK Newspapers During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Content Analysis.

Molly Williams, 2021

Practicum Report

Isabella Sanders, 2021

Is the funding for humanitarian aid, entrenching some of the already widely debated negative connotations and practices associated with top-down participation and engagement in the industry?

Becky Thomson, 2020

Gender Policy and Programming in Iraq

Simrah Rehan, 2020

The importance of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa and the barriers women face to healthcare access

Lucinda Nichols, 2020

Environmental Sustainability and Protection of the Ecosystem: To What Extent can the Military Accomplish Environmental Protection in the Military Training Areas?

Souvik Saha, 2020

Rhetoric or Reality: 'Empowerment' in Action at The Washing Machine Project

Alessia Intrigila, 2020

How do natural disasters drive and shape vulnerability to human trafficking?: The Case of the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake

Jessica Lanyon, 2020

Children's Work in Tobacco Farming: A Critical Analysis of Harms, Benefits and CSR Initiatives

Amelia Crowther, 2020

The UNSCR 1325: A Critical Evaluation of its Application in Iraq

Sophie Griffith, 2019

Reframing Development: Reflections on Research with the International Cocoa Initiative

Isabel Brown, 2019

East Africas Encampment policy amid the protracted refugee crisis: an exploration of Kenya and Uganda contexts.

Moses Ochengo, 2019

Report on a Two Month Practicum with Save The Children Jordan, Focusing on Reform of UNHCR and INGOs

Hugo Morisetti, 2019

Through the Looking Glass: Development in Action at Mannion Daniels.

Timothy Derrett, 2019

Practicum Report: SRK Consulting UK

Louis Bennett, 2019


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