Masters dissertations

MSc International Development with Economics

Colombias coca market: pairing drug, environmental, and Alternative Development strategies for a future drug policy

Vasiliki Tsigka, 2022

The pursuit of modernity: the case of financialisation of Africas agricultural sector through the adoption of digital Agricultural Technology

Sherifat Adeniyi, 2022

Environmental Sustainability in Thailand: How Attitudes Towards Environmental Sustainability Are Shaped by Social Class, Urbanity and Beliefs

Penny Senanarong, 2022

Colonial pasts and presents: The case of the Democratic Republic of the Congos cobalt mining industry

Camille Clarke, 2021

When Foreign Partners Become Dominant Players in Key Industries: A Case study Analysis of DR Congo

Kumbirayi Manungo, 2021

Practicum at B Lab Europe and an exploration of how sustainability certifications impact the ability of primary commodity producers to achieve capabilities across different life domains

Emily Philpott, 2021

Dual Practicum Experience - Lessons Learned from Working with the GED Committee and MENASP Network

Youssef Yousri, 2020

Does the Shared Prosperity goal affect the persistence of inequalities? Case of Brazil and China

Mohd Umair Khan, 2020

How Can Nigeria Reduce Financial Exclusion Experienced by Vulnerable Individuals/Groups? A Critical Review of the Countrys Financial Inclusion Strategy

Sonichukwu Osakwe, 2020

Pay for Environment Service: What is behind the policy implementation strategy of PES program of local government? A case study of Grain for Green program in China

Zeqi Yang, 2020

Another Informal Survivalist Woman Entrepreneur in Spatially Divided South Africa

Roxanne Skosana, 2019

Experiences and Critical Reflection of the MENASP Organisation: An analysis of National Social Protection Systems & the Role of Civil Society Across the Middle East and North Africa

Jack Presley, 2019

The Production, Support and Continuation of Think Tanks; A Personal Reflection

Alexander Hirst, 2019


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