Masters dissertations

MSc International Management

Green Revolution: How Chinese Consumers Evolving Environmental Consciousness Influence The Marketing Strategy Of Automobile Leaders

Yinming Feng, 2021

An exploratory study of the phenomenon of workplace involution and its influence on employees – based on empirical research in China

Danqi Liu, 2021

The pattern and pace of internationalisation following the cold war consolidation of the defence industry - a comparative case study of Europe and the US

Chloe Cook, 2021

The Effect of Crisis Management on the Lebanese Currency Crisis

Mohamad Ziad El Dana, 2020

The influence of internet opinion leaders on consumers’ purchase intention

, 2020

An Explorative Analysis on the Fundamental Drivers of Consumer Engagement with Virtual Brand Communities: A Study on the Cosmetic Industry

Thomas Lecuit, 2020

Consumer Buying Behaviour of Luxury Brands: A Qualitative Case Study on National Economic, and Sub National Cultural and Social Factors Influencing Luxury Buying Behaviour in Indian Nationals.

Nihal Gurpreet Singh, 2020

In a Dollar State of Mind – Using the Theories of Planned Behavior and Consumer Brand Relationships to Explore the Phenomenon of Currency Preference in Semi-Dollarized Economies. The Case of Cambodia.

Keith Naro Hib, 2020



The Effect of Crisis Management on the Lebanese Currency Crisis

Mohamad Ziad El Dana, 2020

Exploring Factors Leading Chinese Customers to Purchase Luxury Fashion Products During Covid-19 time

, 2020

How Social Media Marketing Impact Consumer Purchase Behaviour in India

Alexander Rajesh Kuttathiparambil George, 2020

The Effect of Online Celebrities Reference Group on Chinese Millennials’ Purchasing Intention

Ruoshui Sun, 2020

Conception on Electronic word-of-mouth and Para-Social Interaction: A qualitative study of how social media influencers (SMIs) affect the purchase intention of millennials in purchasing fast fashion clothing in the UK

Tiffany Siu Ting Cheng, 2020

A comparative analysis between Greek and British individuals on the level of sustainability awareness and the effects of price sensitivity on the purchasing intention of sustainable cosmetics products.

Niki-Maria Katsiou, 2020

Connected with fast food consumers: A qualitative study of how social media influencers affect the purchase intention among millennial consumers

, 2020

The EU's PDO quality scheme for international products and its impact on consumers' perception. A cross-cultural analysis of Italy and the UK.

Edoardo Balocco, 2020

An Empirical Study to understand the Perception of Jobseekers towards using Game-Based Assessments in their Recruitment Process

Vijay Vasudevan Giridharan, 2020

The influence of Greenwashing on consumers aged 18-25 (Generation Z) within the United States of America

Kayli Walford, 2020

Determinants of Innovation in Women-owned SMEs Empirical Evidence from Five Sub-Saharan African Countries

Yifan Hao, 2020

"Chilean 'multilatinas': strategic motives, institutional distance and FDI subsidiary ownership"

William Lovett, 2019

"Does your cultural membership affect your ethical consumption behaviour when purchasing clothing? A cross analysis of Chinese, Indian and UK students."

Jeevan Athwal, 2019

Does FDI impact the sustainable development of the host country?

Hanna Buscher, 2019

The Attitude-Behaviour Gap in the Consumption of Ethically Responsible Clothing: Assessing the Moderating effects of Nationality on Consumer Characteristics.

Megan Watson, 2019

Buying an experience - An analysis of how retail m-commerce applications have gone from being transactional to experiential and its effect on purchase intent

Kas Eelman, 2019

Impact of Celebrity Endorsements on Consumer Behavior in India: The role of Gender

Varisha Modi, 2019

The influence of culture on female corporate employees in India and the United Kingdom

Rohan Sharma, 2019

The impact of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on the accounting and finance profession and its potential of business process standardization

Daniel Wieser, 2019

International Diversification and Firm Performance in Consumer Staples and Consumer Discretionary sectors: Empirical Evidence from The World's Largest Public Companies

Angkana Bunrat, 2019


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