University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc International Management

Influence of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivational Factors on Employee Engagement at a Multinational Corporation in India- A Case of KPMG India

Param Mehta, 2017

The Effect of Electronic Word of Mouth on the Purchase Intention of Indian Smartphone Consumers

Bashir Ahmed Safree, 2017

How is Global Supply Chain Responsiveness Affected and Managed on a Network Level in Relation to Risks of Disruptive Events like Natural Disasters?

Norbotn Else Margrethe, 2016

How can communication within cross-border teams improve the overall performance of a firm?

Arshad Luqmaan, 2016

Leadership styles and their influence on knowledge sharing in cross-functional teams: a case study

Aryapratheep Malini, 2016

The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility: Is it a Strategic Necessity for Improving Organisational Performance?

Croxton Nicola, 2016


Matolych Sofiia, 2016

The exploration of factors affecting purchase intention towards environmental friendly vehicle: The case of Thailand.

Limrabruen Korkiat, 2016

Internationalisation of E-commerce: Peculiarities of the Russian market. Comparative study of online shopping preferences among Russian, Turkish and Korean populations.

Konstantin Kaminskiy, 2014

Sustainable supply chain between Japan and China in the agrochemical industry a case study of Sumitomo Chemical and a Chinese medium-sized company

Hanbing Wang, 2014

Internationalisation and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study of Antecedents and Drivers of MNC Market Entry Success in Indonesia

Fabian Ruhmannseder, 2014

Inter-firm Imitation in the Global Automotive Industry: Bunching of Automotive Brands FDI Timing in Emerging Markets

Katharina Theresa Hegemer, 2014

Conflicts between Global Business Practices, Western Leadership Style and Thai Employees Norms: A Case Study of Global Professional Service Firm (GPSF) in Thailand

Warintorn Puttisawong, 2014

A comparative study of UK and Chinese consumer attitudes towards the social media marketing of beauty products

Ying He, 2014

Exploration of consumers attitudes toward corporate social responsibility in United Kingdom and China

Xiaoxiao Cai, 2014

Codes of conduct in the supply chain of garment and footwear corporations from Europe, Asia and the US: Content, Similarities, Differences and Potential Isomorphism.

Ioanna Kolyvanou, 2013

Doing good to look good

Meggan Caddey, 2012

Transnational Co-Creation: Is there a need to differentiate between local and global co-creation?

Victor Heinisch, 2012

Beyond National Cultures: The Comparative Study of Leadership Styles within Small Family- Run Business between Thailand and the United Kingdom

Tiratorn Karanthanabutra, 2012