Masters dissertations

MSc International Management

Green Revolution: How Chinese Consumers Evolving Environmental Consciousness Influence The Marketing Strategy Of Automobile Leaders

Yinming Feng, 2021

An exploratory study of the phenomenon of workplace involution and its influence on employees – based on empirical research in China

Danqi Liu, 2021

The pattern and pace of internationalisation following the cold war consolidation of the defence industry - a comparative case study of Europe and the US

Chloe Cook, 2021

The Effect of Crisis Management on the Lebanese Currency Crisis

Mohamad Ziad El Dana, 2020

"Chilean 'multilatinas': strategic motives, institutional distance and FDI subsidiary ownership"

William Lovett, 2019

"Does your cultural membership affect your ethical consumption behaviour when purchasing clothing? A cross analysis of Chinese, Indian and UK students."

Jeevan Athwal, 2019

Does FDI impact the sustainable development of the host country?

Hanna Buscher, 2019

The Attitude-Behaviour Gap in the Consumption of Ethically Responsible Clothing: Assessing the Moderating effects of Nationality on Consumer Characteristics.

Megan Watson, 2019

Buying an experience - An analysis of how retail m-commerce applications have gone from being transactional to experiential and its effect on purchase intent

Kas Eelman, 2019

Impact of Celebrity Endorsements on Consumer Behavior in India: The role of Gender

Varisha Modi, 2019

The influence of culture on female corporate employees in India and the United Kingdom

Rohan Sharma, 2019

The impact of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on the accounting and finance profession and its potential of business process standardization

Daniel Wieser, 2019

International Diversification and Firm Performance in Consumer Staples and Consumer Discretionary sectors: Empirical Evidence from The World's Largest Public Companies

Angkana Bunrat, 2019

Reimagining the Broken Utility Model How Opening up the Electricity Distribution Network Will Animate Market Competition: A New York and California Case Study of Restructuring the Utility Business Model

Christopher Castaldo, 2018

How Are Hotel Managers in Rethymno, Crete Affected by External Radical Change and How Do They React?

Chamogeorgakis Padeli-Patrick, 2018

An investigation into how privacy concerns and associated factors can influence the acquisition and usage of voice controlled smart speakers

Johannes Gerdes, 2018

Country of Origin Effect on Consumer willingness to Purchase Foreign Brands: The case of Chinese Smartphones in the UK.


Knowledge Transfer via International Workers: Experiences, Social Identity Impacts and Organisational Practices - A Study of Chinese Professional Workers at the UK Workplace

Zhang Qicheng, 2018


Lyon Reuben, 2018

Understanding the effect of social media influencers on Indian millennials' travel purchase decisions

Rishi Shah, 2018

Exploring The Efficient Supply Management Methods For Modular Furniture Industry When Engaging With International Suppliers

Wan-Ting Shan, 2018

Female Entrepreneurs and Gender Gap in Entrepreneurial intentions: A Comparison between China and the UK

Mengyun Xie, 2018

Reason-Based Indulgent Consumption: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the UK and China

Yule Zhang, 2018

Understanding the effect of social media influencers on Indian millennials travel purchase decisions.

Rishi Shah, 2018

Influence of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivational Factors on Employee Engagement at a Multinational Corporation in India- A Case of KPMG India

Param Mehta, 2017

The Effect of Electronic Word of Mouth on the Purchase Intention of Indian Smartphone Consumers

Bashir Ahmed Safree, 2017

Beyond the "Bullwhip": Understanding Reputational Impact and Spill-Over in Supplt Chain Misconduct Incidents

Benjamin Klink, 2017


Chandler Millard, 2017

What predicts Chinese consumers use and intention to use cross-border e-commerce platforms: the roles of TAM, trust and consumer ethnocentrism

Chenqian Ni, 2017

Entrepreneurial Intention and Cultural Differences: A Cross-cultural Analysis Comparing China and India

Jing Shi, 2017

A Cross-cultural Comparison of Multinational Companies' Advertising Strategies in China and U.S.

Lina Wang, 2017

Achieving Synergies by Operational Restructuring in Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions in the Industrial Gas Sector

Marcel Zattler, 2017

A Cross-National Investigation into British and Thai Consumers' Intention to Use: Plastic Cards

Mingkhwan Muangmai, 2017

Exploring Consumers' Attitudes and Behaviours Towards Corporate Social Responsibility: A Comparative Study Between Jordan and the United Kingdom

Muthanna Hattar, 2017

The Investigation of Factors Affecting the Behavioural Intention to Adopt New Technology in Cinemas

Pingjai Meesomsakdi, 2017

To what extent does Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) affect customers' awareness and loyalty in the supermarket industry: A comparative analysis between China and UK

Qianwen Xu, 2017

Influence of animal cruelty-free factor on purchase intention of toiletries and cosmetics products: A cross-national comparison between Thailand and USA

Sophichon Phagudom, 2017


Sunny Malesha, 2017

A comparative study of Chinese and British consumers' use behavior in the sharing economy in the transportation industry

Xingyue Cao, 2017

CSP of MNC Subsidiaries in Developing Countries

Xinyu Zhou, 2017

The Effect of Charismatic Leadership & Organizational Culture on the Perceived Organizational Performance in the Banking Sector in Developing Countries (THE CASE OF THE HASHEMITE KINGDOM OF JORDAN)

Yazeed Kawar, 2017

What are the biggest cross-cultural communication implications caused by cultural differences within a multinational firm?

Dristi Agrawal, 2017

Research question: Are Web Banner Advertisements effective in India?

Mallika Kakra, 2017

Disruptions in the supply chain: Supply chain resilience strategies and concepts as a solution.

Samuel Blaser, 2017

Reflective Report

Pik Wah Gim, 2017


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