University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc International Money and Banking

Explaining the overbidding phenomenon

Mira Alexandrova, 2017

Do Language Structures Affect Human Capital Investment?

Danyan Lu, 2017

Analysis of South African House Price Dynamics: A VECM framework

Sebastian Golding, 2017

Party control and the level and composition of local public expenditures

Ying Cao, 2017

Causality Relationships between FDI, Exports and GDP: Evidence from the World's Top Ten Strongest Economies

Zhilin Zhang, 2016

Moral hazard in insurance market: collusive agent

Xiaoyu Niu, 2016

Effectiveness of Quantitative Easing in Japan and Suggestions of Helicopter Money

Shing Pok Wong, 2016

The impact of oil prices shock onmacroeconomy of Chinabased on VAR model

Tianhang Yu, 2016

An empirical analysis of Oil price shock and Exchange rate fluctuation to Economy

Yuhan Zhang, 2016

Does Openness Affect Educational Investment?

Min-Han Shih, 2016

Purchasing Power Parity and Its Validity For China and Its Five Major Trading Partners

Yang He, 2016

Relations between five macroeconomic indicators and stock market performance in the US: evidence fromthe recent two decades

Zixi Chen, 2015

GSADF Tests: Detecting the existence and duration of bubbles in China Stock Market

Mushi Wang, 2015

Credit Rating Inflation: Causes and Consequences

Zhiqing Xin, 2015

IPO Underpricing in China:The Determinants of IPO Underpricing

Yawei Han, 2014

Weighting Structures and Ranking Robustness in Measuring Multidimensional Deprivation

Xiaoli Cong, 2014

The impact of immigration on the wages of natives: The case of Great Britain

Konstantina Roidou, 2014

Determinants of Hong Kong House Prices: A Quantile Regression Approach

Ka Wai Yau, 2014

Determinants of House Price in Australia by using Panel Data

Chen Zhu, 2014

Exploring the dynamic volatility and determinants of housing price in the United Kingdom

Xiao Liang, 2014

The determinants of exchange rate: An empirical study using U.S. dollar / Canadian dollar exchange rate from 1993-2007

Rui Shi, 2014

Does account for social norms affect the level of entrepreneurship?

Mengtao Xu, 2014

Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment: The Impacts of Terrorism and Internal Conflict

Chen Ye, 2014

DOES A WAGE CURVE EXIST IN CHINA? An Empirical Study on the Relation between Regional Wage and Unemployment Rate

Yajiong Jiang, 2013

Reexamination of the link between commodity prices and Monetary Policy: Evidence from China

Jingjing Bi, 2013

The relationship of exchange rate and foreign direct investment (FDI): empirical evidence from Japan

Xiaoqi Jing, 2013

Assess the Mutual Impact between Chinas Economy and Commodity Prices

Ziwei Yang, 2013

House price and its determinations-using VECM on the role of income,construction costs and interest rates

Dong Lu, 2013

The relationship between the environment and growth in China-Testing the Environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis

Yiqun Zeng, 2013