University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc International Public Policy Analysis

MNEs and Taxation Management

Stefano Parisi, 2016

It was immigration wot won it; the construction of immigration during the EU referendum campaign and the implications of tabloid knowledge construction on policy-making

Phillip Fenton, 2016

United in Diversity: To what extent do the Dublin Regulations of 1990, 2003 and 2013 uphold the European Unions commitment to the principle of solidarity?

Thomas Grime, 2016

Nordic Privatisations: The Changing Parameters of the Welfare State

Sofia Susanna Pkk Massioui, 2015

The Role of Social Policy in Post-Conflict Recovery: Lessons from Nicaragua and El Salvador

Amanda Patricia Ruiz Ortiz, 2015

How far British development policies are distinct from colonial ideology? A case study of DFID's Humanitarian Policy.

Rebecca Yvette Mill-Wilson, 2014

What counts is what works Policy-making without ideology?An examination of evidence and ideology in policies to combat Child Poverty

Stephanie Wall, 2014

'Moving Beyond' or 'Moving Beyond' Within? An Analysis and Evaluation of the Use of Wellbeing and Quality of Life in Policy Frameworks of International Organisations

Karolina Sdergren, 2013

Chasing a vision or working with the grain?Re-conceptualising the state and governance in international development

Barbara Walter, 2013

Moscow as a Global City. An assessment of governance structure of the city

Marina Lyubanskaya, 2013

Housing, Recommodification, and Financial Crisis in Ireland, Spain, and the United Kingdom

Jonathan Oates, 2012