University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Management with Finance

The Influence of Firm Competition and Board Independence on Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from FTSE 100 Firms

Leow Hui Teng, 2016

Active Versus Passive: the Empirical Study on the Different Performance of Mutual Funds in the UK

Huang Jing, 2016

"CEO Compensation, Financial Performance, and Ownership Structure: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies During the Period 2008-2015"

Shen Kaiyan, 2016

Case study of capital structures in Chinese and British commercial banks: What are the differences and how efficient are these capital structures acting on respective performance

Kang Kathie, 2016

The Perceived Effectiveness of Methods of Employee Fraud Prevention and Detection in Birmingham Based Law and Accountancy Firms

Bull Naomi, 2016

Project and Risk Management in the Construction Industry

Bhogal Priya, 2016

The Relationship Between Corporate Environmental Performance and Corporate Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from United States during 2003-2016

Liang Weiyuan, 2016

Public-private Partnership: An Analysis on the Contribution of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) Projects to Budget Overruns Across National Hospital Service (NHS) Trusts in England.

Hii Winnie Siew Sze, 2016

The Impact of Capital Structure on Firm Financial Performance: Evidence from Growth Enterprise Market in China

Yan Yan, 2016

Do Biopharmaceutical Stocks Present More Favourable Investment Prospects Than Their Respective Equity Market Indexes?

Gary Steventon, 2013

Active Versus Passive: A thorough investigation into UK and USA Fund Performance

John Fiore, 2013

Investment Potential of the Aerospace and Defence (A&D) Industry Should Portfolios be Over/Under-weight in Regards to A&D Companies: An Industry Analysis in UK and US Markets

Salem El Sayed, 2013

SRI Strategies: Beating Markowitz?

Scott Gordon, 2013

Empirical Study of Impact Of Capital Structure and Financial Crisis on Financial Performance of Real Estate Firms in China

Ying Fang, 2013